How to Eliminate Time-Consuming Paperwork by Mobilizing Work Orders

Used to track field service from start to finish, work orders are at the core of every field service organization. Because technicians’ work is inherently...

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Used to track field service from start to finish, work orders are at the core of every field service organization. Because technicians’ work is inherently mobile, it makes sense that the work order platform they use be mobile too. With work order management software, field service teams can eliminate the challenge of time-consuming paper-based work such as inconsistent or incomplete data entry and lost carbon copies. Additionally, they can streamline their sales and operations processes to boost productivity and efficiency while freeing up more time to focus on providing excellent customer service.

A New Way to Save Time and Improve Service

Although paper-based work orders have worked well for many field service companies, there comes a time when many businesses grow to the point where they need to replace their paper-based system with a streamlined work order or operations management software system. Paper-based work orders can be inefficient, and the cost of printing customer forms can be expensive. Also, incomplete or inaccurate orders can cost your company both time and money.

For one field service company, switching to automated work order management was a business lifesaver. Before switching to field service management software, paper-based orders had to be manually distributed from department to department, and weekly staff meetings were required to review them. The company had to spend about 50 hours of valuable time on their work order management process when the time could have been better spent on client work. With so much time devoted to the work order process, it put a limit on how much work the company could take on.

Increasing Efficiency with Work Order Management Software

After adopting field service management software to better manage work orders, the company was able to develop automated work orders and streamline overall operations. Technicians gained the ability to process existing work orders, modify an existing work order or create a new one–all from their tablets and mobile phones. Having the power to manage work orders from the field also encouraged techs to be more proactive by upselling and pre-scheduling follow-ups. As they began to encounter new business opportunities out in the field, they now had the tools necessary to initiate new work orders, set up customers’ accounts and adjust scheduling on-the-fly to fit the jobs.

Below are just a few or the ways field service companies can use work order management software like RazorSync to save time, money and streamline operations.


Automate Invoicing

When technicians finish a job, invoicing is automatic. This means that as the technician is capturing the customer’s signature, an invoice is automatically emailed to the customer before the truck ever even leaves the job site.

Improve Overall Field Service Management

Regardless of the industry, your field service company serves, work order software can help you improve business across the board, especially when it comes to field management, office processes and eliminating costly data entry errors. Moreover, you can improve efficiency by customizing work order templates by job type or customer and empower your field staff by giving them powerful tools to take on a sales role.

Creating a customized work order template is quick, simple and can include line items from your typical service call, including:

  • Customer name
  • Address
  • Request
  • Technician
  • Trip Charge
  • Hourly Charge
  • Taxes
  • Terms
  • Conditions
  • Standard Parts

Customization and Integration

You can further customize work order templates by both service and customer. For example, if you have a “regular” customer that has specific needs, requirements or service terms, you can modify your existing work order template to fit that customer. When that customer’s name is entered in a work order in the future, the software automatically displays the template you created specifically for them. With customer-tailored templates, you can save a significant amount of time while reducing the chance you overlook one of the customer’s unique expectations.

Work orders might also naturally fit into other categories, such as the level of technician needed, standard parts used, geographic zone and more. With a field service management software like RazorSync, you can easily create a template for whichever category you choose. And when you fill the request field, the application will automatically display the relevant custom work order template. In addition to customization, RazorSync can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks so that updating customer records, payroll and inventory are easier than ever before.

Manage Work Orders More Efficiently with RazorSync

If you’re looking for a software solution to manage work orders on behalf of your field service company, look no further than RazorSync. RazorSync is a powerful and easy-to-use desktop and mobile application that allows you to streamline, automate and customize work order management. Additionally, you can leverage RazorSync to help manage customer relationships, field workers, scheduling and dispatching, invoice and more. The beauty is that all of this can be accomplished directly from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. So, no matter where you are, you can manage your business and communicate with your workers effectively. With a field service management solution like RazorSync, you can increase productivity and efficiency while reducing errors and shortening your billing cycle to enhance cash flow and eliminate extra paperwork.


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