Rug cleaning service revenue streams to explore

Rug cleaning is a very niche market. In industries with such a specific focus, companies are forced to get creative with exploring new revenue streams....

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Rug cleaning is a very niche market. In industries with such a specific focus, companies are forced to get creative with exploring new revenue streams. Oftentimes, rug cleaning businesses offer a variety of other cleaning services that many aren’t aware of. Learning about the additional services your rug cleaning company is qualified to offer will expand your business potential and help it prosper in the long run.

Rug cleaning revenue streams to explore

Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning is arguably the most important cleaning service a company can offer. For this reason, rug cleaning service businesses should incorporate mattress cleaning into their business model. Between dust mites, dead skin cells, and body grease, mattresses must be cleaned every six months to maintain good condition and prolong lifespan. An effective professional mattress treatment uses UV-C light to clean the mattress. After, a toxin-free sanitation solution should be applied to the mattress. Everything is chemically safe while killing any germs and microorganisms living in the mattress.

Sofa cleaning

There is a common misconception that sofas should only be cleaned if visibly stained. In reality, homeowners should be routinely requesting sofa cleaning services at least twice a year. When left unclean, sofas collect dust as well as dirt, grease, crumbs, and more. If the debris continues to build up, it creates stains and indoor air pollution. Sofa cleaning is a quick and easy process that entails applying a shampoo-like cleaner to the cushions that dries quickly. Because it creates a safer and cleaner living environment for people, it has the potential to be a popular avenue for rug cleaning service companies to generate additional revenue.

Dining chair cleaning

The dining room is a nice area of the home, and dirty chairs can be an unattractive sight. Dining chair cleaning is an important service to offer your customers. Chairs are typically stained with food or drink, which can mold and cause bacteria to grow. Dining chair cleaning includes vacuuming, applying stain removal solution, and sanitizing. Food stains can be tricky, and there is no guarantee they can be removed after sitting for an extended period of time. With that said, it is important for homeowners to get in front of the problem and contact a professional cleaning company fast. With the frequency of food and drink spills, dining chair cleaning services are a great way to produce revenue.

Capitalize on the opportunity to expand the services your rug cleaning service can offer! Not only are these great ways to generate additional revenue, but they are also opportunities to continue building relationships with your customers by assisting them with other cleaning and home improvement projects.

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