Customer Management Software for Small Businesses

Keep Customer Records & Service History Organized

Track customer information and service history quickly with RazorSync’s customer relationship management (CRM) features. Data syncs seamlessly from mobile or tablet to your customer database, so records are continually updated.

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Work History

Complete customer records, including communications, notes, photos, and work history, are located in one place. You can also create new service requests based on previous work performed for a customer. Spend less time searching for customer information and more time focusing on your customer needs.

Customer Notes

All communications and customer notes are time-and-date stamped and stored in the customer file for future reference. Notes entered from the job site will be complete and accurate than those entered later at the office.


Create, save, and email estimates from your customer’s location or schedule a job directly from a quote. Avoid double entry and errors when you update estimates to customer files from the field.

Customer Templates

Create a template that reflects similar work previously completed for the customer, including tax rates, pricing, tone, and style.

Customer Database is Always Current

Service an unlimited number of customers. Multiple addresses and contacts per account allow you to sort and review customer information instantly.

Access Customer Records in Real Time

Quickly locate recent or active customer information from your mobile phone or tablet. No need to search through the customer database to locate customer information.

Track Customer Lead Source

Allows you to track where your customers are coming from to help you optimize your marketing campaigns.

Service Request Notifications

Automated notifications keep business operators, field employees and customers up to date on the status of service requests and schedule changes.

Attach Photos, Signature, Videos to Records

Attach any file, including text documents, contracts, PDFs, photos, videos, and signature captures to service requests and work orders. Data will be updated to the customer’s file and immediately available for reference.

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Save time and money, streamline your operation and improve customer satisfaction with RazorSync field management software. Manage your business from your office computer, tablet or smart phone. Work offline when no Internet available.

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