Mobile Credit Card Reader

What In-Field Card Payments Can do for You

Set up a processing account in a minute.

  • More job site payments mean better cash flow.
  • Displaying credit card logos creates trust.
  • A card payment eliminates the risk of a bad check.
  • Swiper pays for itself in days.

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Easy to Use

The card reader plugs directly into your phone or tablet’s headphone jack and is as easy to operate as the RazorSync app.

Secure Credit Card Processing

Data is encrypted before the card reader sends it to your phone or tablet. Bank and credit card data is safe at the swipe. This reliable and secure system is an approved solution for the Visa Ready program.

Credit Card on File/Recurring Billing

With Merchant Services through RazorSync, you have the ability to retain customer credit cards on file. The credit card information is securely processed through our Merchant partner TSYS, and can be charged at later dates when you service the customer in the future.

Save Merchant Fees

End card-not-present fees, the expensive merchant rates charged when you manually record a credit card transaction. In the eyes of the bank or credit card company, a transaction completed without swiping a physical card has a high risk of fraud, thus the higher fee.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad & Android

The Shuttle card reader will simply plug into the iPhone, iPad or Android devices your service team is already using.

Simplify Payment for You & Your Customer

Job site payment app eliminates a separate bill-pay operation for your customer, while eliminating paper invoicing and accounts receivable follow up on your end.

Seamless Customer Record Updates

Payment information is seamlessly integrated with customer records and invoicing, updating automatically to QuickBooks accounting software.


This compact, sturdy credit card swiper, designed for field use, is warranted for a minimum of 100,000 swipes.

Save time and money, streamline your operation and improve customer satisfaction with RazorSync field management software. Manage your business from your office computer, tablet or smart phone. Work offline when no Internet available.

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