What Clients Want: Home Improvement Trends for 2022

According to the United States Census Bureau, 76% of homeowners didn’t travel in 2021. With the uncertainty continuing to surround the COVID-19 pandemic and the...

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According to the United States Census Bureau, 76% of homeowners didn’t travel in 2021. With the uncertainty continuing to surround the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in remote work this year, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable home environment for your customers is essential. From raising the value of a home, to increasing safety, or simply creating a home environment that is perfect for your customer’s lifestyle, knowing the current home improvement trends is crucial going into 2022.

Popular home improvement projects for your client’s home

Home office

26% of American workers are working remotely as of 2022. Given the increasing popularity of remote and hybrid work, having a home office space is essential and has both personal and professional advantages. On a personal level, it preserves your free time by eliminating your commute. A schedule with free time allows an individual to prioritize other interests and hobbies. Not only does a home office add value to your personal life, but it also adds value to your home. Converting an extra bedroom into an office is a unique home improvement buyers are searching for. This increases home value, which is more money in the buyer’s pocket when they sell. In terms of professionalism, a home office distances your customers from distractions. A quiet place to focus will improve their productivity and raise the quality of their work. On top of this, remote companies frequently have employees in different time zones. A home office makes collaborating with people in different locations more convenient, especially when meeting with others outside personal working hours.

Outdoor spaces

Home improvement projects are not just limited to spaces inside the home. With the popularity of outdoor hangouts over recent years, the surge in demand for renovated outdoor spaces has not declined. Whether it be building a deck or patio area, firepit, outdoor kitchen, or a backyard playground, outdoor renovations deliver a high return on investment for the homeowner. From a monetary standpoint, they are worthwhile. In fact, renovators say that patios can increase the value of a property by 8-10%. Aside from the financial benefit, outdoor spaces are worth the investment because they provide families with a fun space to safely spend time together.

Solar panels

Sustainable homes help customers reduce their carbon footprint and be more energy efficient. One sustainable home improvement project is installing solar panels. The use of solar energy is on the rise and will triple the rate at which it is used by 2030. The decision to install solar panels is a responsible choice that protects our earth and is actually less expensive in the long run. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory research also shows that every dollar saved on energy as a result of solar panels raises the value of a home by $20. With that in mind, if your customer installs solar panels, they will eventually be able to make a larger profit when selling their home.

Whether it be creating a space that suits your customer’s needs or helping them increase their home’s value, you can provide the best services to your customers by monitoring home improvement trends in 2022. Grow your relationship with your customers this year by furthering your knowledge on home improvement trends and helping them execute projects that make their home the ideal environment for their lifestyle.

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