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Turn your field staff into an arm of sales. RazorSync’s work order software is fully functional on a field technician’s tablet or mobile phone. In addition to processing existing work orders, a technician will have the ability to modify an existing work order or create a new one.

Provide your field staff with sales training, the RazorSync work order app, and motivation. Encourage techs to upsell proactively, and pre-schedule follow-up calls. When encountering opportunities for new business while in the field, they can initiate new work orders, set up customer accounts, and adjust scheduling to fit the jobs in on the spot.

Automate Invoicing

When the job is complete, invoicing is automatic. The technician captures the customer’s signature, an invoice is emailed to the customer, and your QuickBooks software is updated—all before the truck leaves the job site.

Keep Your Field Service on Track

Whatever industry you serve, this work order software will help you improve field management, office processes, and data entry. RazorSync software lets you customize work order templates by job type or customer while empowering your field staff to take a sales role.

Create Custom Work Order Templates

It is fast and easy. Create a work order template with line items for your typical service call: customer name and address, request, technician, trip charge, the hourly charge, taxes, terms and conditions and standard parts.

Customize by Account

Perhaps a regular customer has specific needs, requirements or service terms. It is simple to modify your basic work order template to that customer. Next time the customer’s name is entered in a work order, the software will automatically display the customer-specific template. Not only does this save time, but it significantly reduces the chance of an error in fulfilling the customer’s unique expectations.

Customize by Service

For your business, work orders might naturally fall into categories distinguished by the level of technician needed, standard parts used, travel zones, or other factors. You can easily create a template for each category. When you fill the request field, the app will display the custom work order template for that particular service. Again, this not only saves time but reduces the chance of errors in correctly filling out the work order.

Seamless Integration with QuickBooks

RazorSync seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, updating customer records, payroll, and inventory. Try it out today—sign up for a Live Demo and Free Trial. To see included features, check out our pricing plans comparison chart for a detailed breakdown.

Save time and money, streamline your operation and improve customer satisfaction with RazorSync field management software. Manage your business from your office computer, tablet or smart phone. Work offline when no Internet available.

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