Top Property Maintenance Practices for 2022

Did you know that regular property maintenance can increase a home’s value by 1% annually? Ensuring your property maintenance technicians are well-informed about trends in...

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Did you know that regular property maintenance can increase a home’s value by 1% annually? Ensuring your property maintenance technicians are well-informed about trends in home improvement and the current housing market is essential to helping your customers boost the value of their homes. We’ve compiled a list of the top property maintenance practices today to ensure your technicians have the proper expertise to guide customers through their home improvement journey.

Top Property Maintenance Practices for 2022

HVAC system maintenance

Depending on the climate, this practice may be obvious. However, no matter where you live, keeping customers’ HVAC systems well maintained and up-to-date will save energy and money in the long run. A new system can add a great deal of value and save the homeowner money, as studies have found that high-efficiency systems can lower energy costs by 20%. Updated HVAC systems also have precision speed monitors to ensure optimal airflow and minimize noise. Ensuring your customers’ HVAC systems are in peak condition also demonstrates your desire to give them the best living experience while adding value to their property.

Updated smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

Your customer’s safety is always a top priority. However, maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is much more than preventing the ear-piercing chirp associated with a low battery. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that kills around 170 people in the U.S. every year. Ensuring customers have updated detectors and routinely checking these devices is a crucial safety practice and provides residents with peace of mind. Unfortunately, along with carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detector failures cause an average of 410 deaths and 1,310 injuries annually. Your customers deserve to feel safe in their homes, and checking these detectors each month makes sure that they do.

Code-compliant electrical panels

Preventative maintenance is an essential part of property maintenance, which is especially true for a home’s electricity. Lots of things can unknowingly go wrong within electrical panels and circuit breakers. Going into a property maintenance job, you want to be aware of potential electrical hazards and how to mitigate those issues safely. As a technician, it is your responsibility to understand the functions of an electrical panel, the common issues that arise, and how to spot and fix a problem, if possible. It’s also crucial that you’re able to recognize and advise customers when a new, code-compliant electrical panel is needed. These preventative measures will help your customers avoid more significant problems in the future. 

Garage door maintenance & repair

55% of homeowners use their garage door as their main entry point to their homes. A broken garage door is inconvenient to homeowners and decreases the value of a home. If not properly maintained, springs can snap, motors can overheat and burn out, and doors can slide off tracks, all of which cause serious damage. Luckily, more extensive (and more expensive) repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance. Encouraging your customers to be on the lookout for these common issues will prevent costly garage door repairs. 

Well-kept landscaping

Regularly-maintained landscaping is key in property maintenance, curb appeal, and home valuation. Customers may see landscaping as an unnecessary expense, but it’s a worthwhile investment, as a well-landscaped yard can increase a home’s value by as much as 12.7%. Everything from a well-kept lawn to a thriving garden and outdoor lighting can keep your customer’s property looking its best while increasing its value.

By keeping up with the trends homebuyers are looking for, you can help your customers get the most out of their property maintenance budgets. In addition to increasing the value of a house, proactive and preventative maintenance can reduce future costs and make things in a home last longer. With your help, homeowners and their properties will thrive. 

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