3 Ways Landscape Lighting Adds Value To The Home

With little flexibility to leave home over the past year, many individuals have taken on home improvement projects. This includes hiring electricians to add landscape...

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With little flexibility to leave home over the past year, many individuals have taken on home improvement projects. This includes hiring electricians to add landscape lighting to their homes. Research shows that the real-estate appeal significantly increases when the property has a unique lighting system specifically tailored to the home. Electricians can utilize this knowledge to improve their business, maximize their profits, and add value to client’s homes.

Here are three ways electricians can add value to a home with custom landscape lighting.


Does landscape lighting add value to a home? The answer is yes, especially in terms of physical safety, which is one angle electricians should use when advertising the perks of landscape lighting. Many people have long days and busy schedules and don’t return home until after dark, so ensuring the outside of a home is well-lit is important for avoiding accidents.

Adding motion-activated lights or setting up lighting timers in front of doors or garages is a great way for homeowners to safely enter at night. Walkways and steps are also important features to highlight with landscape lighting, as they can be dangerous in the dark. Adding lights to each step and sidewalk makes it much safer for people to navigate. Additionally, outdoor lighting allows children to play in the yard after dark in a well-lit environment. Parents are able to see the space and monitor them as they play to avoid mishaps.


By installing lighting in the yard, the home not only becomes a safer place but also more secure. Motion lights are a big contributor to cultivating a secure home environment. They help detect any unwanted visitors in the yard and scare them away, hence preventing unwanted entrance and theft. Entranceways to the home, including doors, windows, fences, and gates are excellent locations to place landscape lights. In fact, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that 81% of break-ins happen through entrances on the first floor. Brightening these entrances with spotlights, path lights, and motion lights helps in deterring any potential intruders.

Curb Appeal

While safety and security are a major perk of landscape lighting, it also increases the value of a home. Curb appeal is essentially how people perceive the value of the house from a street view. A study conducted within the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed that 81% of NAR members surveyed reported that curb appeal is the most important factor for those looking to purchase a home. 

When electricians install landscape lighting, key design elements of the home should be highlighted to enhance curb appeal. If a home has a new stone walkway, a grand front door, or a magnificent garden, a great lighting scheme not only shows off these features but also distracts from less-renovated parts of the home’s exterior.

Adding landscape lighting services allows electricians to diversify their business and maximize profits. Get in touch with us to find out more about how RazorSync can help your electrical contracting business, or sign up for your 14-day free trial today.

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