How To Get Started On Spring Pest Control Services

As the weather warms up, we know spring is right around the corner! This means plenty of bugs and pests that can potentially be hazardous...

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As the weather warms up, we know spring is right around the corner! This means plenty of bugs and pests that can potentially be hazardous and destructive to your client’s family and property. Pest control services are an effective way to get rid of existing pests and protect against future infestations.

Here are three of the best pest control services you can use to prepare for the coming season:

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Pest Prevention

Prevention measures in pest control services involve creating an environment that is less habitable for pests. Make structural changes and implement preventative practices such as sealing cracks in foundations or walls; regularly inspecting vulnerable areas like attics or basements; installing weather stripping around doors or windowsills; repairing water damage; and installing screens over vents and other openings. The number one cause of pest infestation is allowing pests access to shelter. Schedule an inspection with your client before the spring to take care of any exposed areas on their property.

Pest Extermination

Even with pest control services to prevent your client’s home from becoming pest infested, you still might run into pest issues. Not to worry, common pesticides can remove pests from your client’s home in just a few days. Pesticides target some of the most annoying bugs such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, flies, termites, and more. To ensure proper coverage, efficacy of treatments, and client safety, build out a checklist that can keep everyone safe. Pest extermination can be dangerous and has the potential to cause harm to you, your employees, and your client’s family. Be sure to clearly communicate with your client where you are spraying pesticides and what chemicals you are using so that you can fix their pest problems worry-free.

Pest Monitoring

Now that your client’s home has been thoroughly debugged, it’s time to monitor their property so that another infestation doesn’t happen. These kinds of pest control services may include examining walls for telltale holes made by rodent gnawing, looking for ant trails among kitchen cupboards/counters/under kitchen appliances, and inspecting stored food items for evidence of contamination from insects. All of these check-ins can help monitor any potential pest activity so you’ll know if it’s time to respray.

Be sure to set up a quarterly call or send out an email to your clients reminding them that it could be time for another pest inspection. Additionally, regular maintenance checks should be conducted on plumbing systems. Large accumulations of moisture are attractive breeding grounds for many kinds of insects & rodents alike – which may lead to dangerous health hazards if left unchecked! With all of these practices in place, you will be well on your way to providing your client with an effective solution for pest control.

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