Is Your Free HVAC Management Software Costing You Customers?

Many of us already have tons of free applications on our smartphones. From apps that track your heart rate and step count to mobile software...

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Many of us already have tons of free applications on our smartphones. From apps that track your heart rate and step count to mobile software that helps manage your monthly spending habits, there’s a lot of fun (and free) resources available on the Apple Store and Google Play. But does free ever come at a price? 

If you’re relying on a free field service software to manage your company’s finances, schedule jobs, or track invoices, the answer could be costing you more than you think! 

Disadvantages of a Free Business Management Solution

Though your field service management app may be able to create estimates, send quotes, and monitor work order history, restrictions will always apply. That’s because free really means basic, thereby limiting your techs, customers, and resources to save a little bit of money each month. But is it really worth it?

Let’s look at it this way: Apps like Fergus, Service Trade, ReachOut Suite and other free mobile solutions offer HVAC companies basic necessities such as scheduling, work order history, invoicing, etc. However, these applications place certain restrictions on the number of users, jobs, IT support, and features you can access at any given time, so if your HVAC company handles dozens of service calls a day or your scheduling feature suddenly stops working, free is going to cost you big in the end.

What Advantages Will I Receive from a Paid Account vs. a Free One?

Aside from being able to process credit card payments and dispatch work orders simultaneously—not to mention allow multiple techs to access customer history, directions, and many other on-demand features at any given time—a paid field service management app also allows you to enhance your CRM solution. 

An HVAC customer management software, like RazorSync, includes a customer portal feature, allowing your recurring customers to request HVAC repairs, maintenance services, and installations right from their smartphones. Our advanced features also makes it easy for customers to track the status of the repair, accept a quote, and pay an invoice instantly. 

Which Software is Used by HVAC Professionals?

The type of software used by HVAC professionals needs to include the following field service features:

Most importantly, these features need to stay up to the minute and sync automatically to any smart device your techs and customers are using. 

How Much Does Field Service Software Cost?

The cost to purchase a quality HVAC field service management software will vary, depending on the number of users you have and the features your company would benefit most from. WIth RazorSync, we offer four convenient pricing programs that range to fit the needs of solo HVAC contractors to larger corporations. HVAC companies can find a plan that works best for them and choose to pay monthly or annually with the option of a free trial to test out our software before you buy.

To learn more about RazorSync, request a free live demo to experience first-hand how our advanced field service management app works to streamline your HVAC operations and save you money, time, and convenience in the end! 

Request a free live demo today to get started. We promise, it won’t cost you a thing! 

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