Advanced Reporting

Organize and display information to help you run your business efficiently.

RazorSync’s advanced reporting will help you get the most ROI out of your service business. Is your most specialized equipment fully utilized? At a glance, can you see which field employees are logging the most service hours? Can your staff pull up customer lists by geographic zone or level of service needed? With RazorSync advanced reports, you can organize and display information in a way that provides the information you need to make business decisions quickly and more efficiently. Create reports specific to your needs or access preset reports. A few examples:

  • Customer Management – Call up an individual customer record or a list organized by features such as pricing tier, recurring services, zone, type of service, assigned technician or last date of activity.
  • Scheduling – Filter work orders by the date scheduled or date created, type of service, the level of technician or equipment needed, or customer type. See a summary that compares the current week to the previous, or call up a list of unassigned work orders.
  • Financials – Call up a list of open receivables, balances owed, sales by user, customer payments in a specific date range, and invoiced work orders.
  • Inventory – Implement predictive ordering based on reports of service items for a specified period or a particular technician, and see work orders associated with service items.
  • Notes – See latest notes sorted by date, user, customer or service request.
  • Employee Management – See service time billed by worker, see capacity of each employee, let workers access standard and detailed time card reports.
  • Service forms – View forms by customer or work order, along with attachments.

Display advanced reports in list form or, for some, as pie or bar charts. All reports can be exported to Excel. RazorSync users (including free trial users) can access a tutorial here . To see included features, check out our pricing plans comparison chart for a detailed breakdown.

advanced reporting screen shot for field service
Save time and money, streamline your operation and improve customer satisfaction with RazorSync field management software. Manage your business from your office computer, tablet or smart phone. Work offline when no Internet available.

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