Streamline Your Field Service Requests with Customized Templates

Having trouble managing your team’s workflow? You’re not alone. As with any field service industry, finding ways to save on time, costs, and labor is...

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Women using customized templates for field service management

Having trouble managing your team’s workflow? You’re not alone. As with any field service industry, finding ways to save on time, costs, and labor is a constant battle. The good news is there’s a better way to simply your process without sacrificing your quality standards or infringing on your technicians’ time. The solution? RazorSync’s custom templates feature!

Why Utilize Customized Templates for Field Service Management?

No two customers are the same, but some service calls are almost identical. When this happens, does your dispatch team create a new work order from scratch? This can waste valuable time, causing service calls to pile up. There’s also a chance a dispatcher may forget to note a crucial detail that either delays the repair or causes the tech to stay at a particular job site longer than estimated.

With customized templates, your dispatch team and techs can view your company’s different service types at a glance and choose the exact service your customers need in an instant. From there, they can modify or add any appropriate steps, include notes, and schedule a time for the work to be completed.  

Once the work order is assigned and scheduled, your techs have access to all the information they need to ensure the job gets completed on time and on budget.

Not convinced? Here are other reasons why RazorSync’s custom templates help field service companies save time and money!


Choosing the right bid for a job takes years to perfect. With RazorSync, you’ll easily be able to view past projects with similar services to see (1) how many steps were included, (2) how many hours were completed, and (3) what type of tools/equipment were needed. This helps you create an accurate estimate that you can send to customers instantly, ensuring you don’t over/under bid!

Job Scheduling

Custom templates also provide you with the opportunity to assign specialized jobs to specific technicians, should a stage in the repair require advanced skills. Dispatchers can assign jobs the moment they receive them or leave work orders “unassigned” until they locate a nearby tech in the field using RazorSync’s job tracking software. And should a job require additional labor, a tech can simply update the status, so a dispatcher can reassign the tech another day or assign someone new to complete the work.

Recurring Jobs

If you manage multiple recurring clients, having an easily accessible template on standby ensures the work is always getting done on time and your customers are always billed on schedule. And if a recurring customer should request additional work, you can quickly modify the work order in real time to keep billing up to date.

Get Your Field Service Management App Today!

In addition to creating custom work orders from existing templates, RazorSync’s field service software allows you to personalize your templates with your company logo to give it a branded look that customers recognize. To learn more about incorporating customized templates into your workflow management process, request a free live demo today and discover why RazorSync is the best field service management software for small businesses.

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