A Plumber’s Guide to Choosing the Best Estimating Software

Because no one ever plans for an emergency plumbing repair, having a field service management app, like RazorSync, allows you to dispatch technicians instantly and...

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Because no one ever plans for an emergency plumbing repair, having a field service management app, like RazorSync, allows you to dispatch technicians instantly and invoice work orders accurately—without ever skipping a beat.


Why is RazorSync’sEstimating Software Better?

As an expert in your industry, you already know how to price a plumbing job initially, but what happens if a repair takes longer than anticipated? Or what if the job requires additional materials that are currently out of stock?

Does your current field service management system allow technicians to track this change, order new inventory, and reschedule the appointment—all in one place? With RazorSync, you can do this and much more!

As the #1 plumbing software and app for estimating and invoicing, RazorSync allows you and your technicians to

  • Create, edit, and send out job estimates to potential clients
  • Create work orders and invoices from existing or newly created estimates
  • Capture customer signatures to help streamline payment processing
  • Accept online and in-person payments
  • Sync invoices and payments received with Quickbooks
  • Track and monitor schedules in real time
  • Record customer notes from each job

And the best part? These features can be performed from anywhere—in the office, on the drive over, or in the job.

Why Does Better Matter?

Working in the plumbing industry means keeping your technicians on track and en route to their next scheduled appointments. RazorSync saves your team time, money, and energy by helping you avoid the following pitfalls:

  • Incorrect Billing: Sometimes, a repair doesn’t go as planned and a technician will spend more time on a particular job site than originally estimated. Other times, a customer may request additional work that gets completed but not included in the final bill statement. Using RazorSync, your technicians can seamlessly clock in and out for to track time and add items to current estimates/invoices to ensure the company gets paid correctly for each job performed.
  • Missed Opportunity: When dispatch receives a new request for a routine job or an emergency repair, having the closest technician respond not only keeps customers happy, but it also ensures they keep coming back. With GPS tracking, dispatchers can locate technicians in the field and send them to their next appointment. They can also “drag and drop” employee schedules to cover every job and avoid overbooking (or underbook).
  • Unpaid Invoices: Once a plumbing job has been completed, your technician can quickly open the RazorSync app and process the payment in person or send the invoice electronically. Using electronic vs. written (or emailed) invoices is the most effective way to avoid late or missed payments.

To see RazorSync’s advanced features, schedule a free live demo with our team today! We’ll help you and your techs  learn how to use these features to optimize your business operations—no matter what the day throws at you.

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