Why You Need to be Using GPS Tracking for Your Field Service Workers.

Field worker tracking has become a critical part of doing business. If you’re not using GPS tracking software for your field service technicians, your business...

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Field worker tracking has become a critical part of doing business. If you’re not using GPS tracking software for your field service technicians, your business is missing out on features that increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Perhaps your field service business is brand new, or you simply don’t know the advantages of using GPS tracking.

In the field service industry, GPS tracking software is used to help monitor and manage employees. It tracks field service workers as they travel from job to job. In an industry where timing can be everything, your business can’t afford to skip this tactic. 

Timing is Everything in Field Services

Timing is one of the most important factors in field services and many variables can affect it. One survey reported that 67% of field service customers won’t rehire a company if technicians are up to an hour late (no word on what happens if you’re more than an hour late, but we can assume it’s not good!). Of that 67%, 31% of the customers say they’ll wait as long as 31-60 minutes for a late technician, while 25% say 16-30 minutes is the longest they’ll wait. A fair amount–11%–say their wait time cutoff is 15 minutes!

When customers are this time-sensitive, you need every advantage on your side. This is when GPS field worker tracking comes in for the win.

RazorSync’s GPS-Enabled Solutions Reduce Churn

RazorSync’s field service management software has an integrated GPS tracking system for field service technicians that helps maximize your company’s time while improving the customer experience and reducing churn. 

You’ll benefit from features like smart scheduling, which allows office staff to schedule a technician’s day based on the proximity of each job, preventing technicians from wasting time driving back and forth across town. Also, if your team has to respond to unscheduled work, GPS-enabled dispatching lets dispatchers see which remote employee is best for the job, based on their proximity to the job (along with consideration for professional experience and equipment on hand). RazorSync’s smart route navigation features real-time traffic updates to show drivers the best routes from destination to destination, cutting down on travel time and shortening arrival windows.

Field Worker Tracking Improves the Customer Experience

Our field worker tracking system delivers a better customer experience with the use of automated text messages that notify customers their service technician is en route. RazorSync empowers customers with the ability to track and contact technicians through the customer portal as techs are driving to the customer’s home or business location. This increases transparency, opens communication, and gives customers a chance to get things in order before a technician arrives (such as corralling dogs, or in these times–making sure they’re wearing a mask). 

Comparison: Companies With & Without Field Worker Tracking Software

If you’re still determining if field worker tracking is necessary for your business, let’s look at a simple comparison. Listed below are the ways companies perform if they use or do not use GPS tracking software for field worker tracking.

Businesses with GPS Tracking Software:

  • Always on time. Smart scheduling with real-time traffic updates provides efficient routing. On-time arrival leads to better customer experiences, too.
  • Lowered fuel costs. Smarter routing, field worker tracking, and the ability to create vehicle protocols hold workers accountable for the efficient use of fuel.
  • Increased overall productivity. Field service management with GPS tracking keeps business running smoothly, and nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Grow your bottom line. GPS tracking allows you to complete more work orders each day, lowers fuel costs, and contributes to smooth-running operations, all of which support your efforts to grow your bottom line.

Businesses without GPS tracking software:

  • Repeated tardiness. Inefficient scheduling along with an increased chance of getting lost, stuck in traffic, or taking the long route means customers are left waiting.
  • Higher fuel costs. Fuel usage is uncontrollable due to a lack of monitoring routes and not knowing if drivers are taking advantage of vehicle privileges.
  • Operational inefficiencies. A lack of the right field management software solutions means inefficiency across the board that can damage the customer experience and in turn, the business.
  • Struggle to stay afloat. Inability to effectively manage assets in the field will inevitably lead to poor customer experiences and loss of clientele to competitors.

Ready to start using GPS tracking software and the industry’s #1-rated scheduling app? Try RazorSync free for 14-days to get started! For more information, contact one of our pros today.

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