How to Get 5-Star Reviews with Better Customer Engagement

In today’s digital world, reviews and customer engagement are more important than ever for field service businesses to succeed and grow. Positive online reviews help...

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5 star reviews

In today’s digital world, reviews and customer engagement are more important than ever for field service businesses to succeed and grow. Positive online reviews help build credibility and trust with potential new customers who are looking for a reputable service provider. Studies show that over 91% of consumers regularly read online reviews before making a purchase decision, so good reviews are critical for attracting new business.

Positive engagement with customers also increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. When customers feel valued, communicate clearly, and have a good experience with a field service technician, they are much more likely to use that company again in the future and refer them to friends and family. This repeat and referral business is the lifeblood that keeps many field service companies thriving.

On the other hand, negative reviews and poor customer engagement can significantly hurt a field service business. Dissatisfied customers who have a bad experience are far more likely to leave negative feedback that turns away future customers. And customers who don’t feel valued or communicated with are more prone to churn and look elsewhere for service providers.

This is why it’s so important for field service businesses to implement strategies and best practices to generate more 5-star online reviews and improve engagement at every touchpoint of the customer journey. The tips provided in this blog post aim to help field service companies enhance customer engagement which in turn can result in 5-star reviews. Even small, consistent improvements in these areas can increase retention, referrals, new customers, and ultimately revenues and profitability. By providing outstanding service and value to customers, field service businesses can succeed and grow in today’s competitive, online marketplace.

Respond quickly to inquiries and service requests

  • Set a goal to respond to all inquiries within 1 hour, whether you receive a phone call, email, or request through your website. Customers are frustrated when they don’t hear back in a timely manner as their request could be urgent.
  • Have enough staff to properly cover incoming leads and requests. This prevents slow response times that make customers feel devalued.
  • Use auto-responder emails if needed so customers immediately know their inquiry was received. Then personally follow up within the 1 hour target.
  • RazorSync Tip: Use a field service management platform like RazorSync, so you can access comprehensive customer information on-demand, whether in the office or on-site, making it easier to access historical data quickly and respond to their inquiries with relevant information.

Communicate clearly about arrival times and any delays

  • Provide the customer with an estimated arrival window and call if you will be early or late. Nothing is more annoying than waiting around all day for an arrival time that is missed.
  • If delays arise, proactively contact the customer to explain and reset expectations. Unexpected delays without communication reflect poorly on your business.
  • Apologize sincerely for any inconvenience while reinforcing your commitment to service.
  • RazorSync Tip: RazorSync’s field service platform makes it easy to send email notifications and texts to your customers directly from the portal, keeping your customers informed of all updates.

Arrive on-site prepared and with the right equipment

  • Pack your tools in advance for each job. Being prepared with the right tools and equipment allows technicians to complete the job more efficiently and can increase the customer’s confidence in the technician’s abilities.
  • Pack for unforeseen complications. A well-prepared technician with a comprehensive set of tools and equipment is more likely to be able to handle these unexpected issues on the spot.
  • RazorSync Tip: When scheduling new jobs in RazorSync, create a thorough description of the issue and any relevant images from previous customer engagements. Add a unique service form checklist that contains a list of the items needed for the job, so your team can be prepared.

Introduce technicians properly on arrival

  • Techs should state their full name and company before entering a customer’s home or business. It builds trust and comfort, allowing you access.
  • Wear the company uniform and ID badge clearly identifying yourself as an authorized technician. This increases professionalism.
  • Give a firm handshake and friendly introduction. You want the customer to be happy you have arrived.

Explain work to be performed in simple terms

  • Don’t use complex technical jargon. Increase customer engagement by explaining the issue and repair work in straightforward terms the customer can understand.
  • Invite questions. Customers like to understand what is happening in their home or business. Patiently answer any questions.
  • If extensive repairs are needed, show photos or diagrams to explain. Educated customers are happy customers.

Listen carefully to customer concerns and issues

  • Actively listening shows the customer you care about them and their needs. Repeat back what you hear for clarity.
  • Avoid interrupting and be attentive even if you have heard it all before. Each customer deserves your full attention.
  • Statements like “I understand this must be frustrating” demonstrate empathy and customer engagement. Reassure them you are there to help.

Walk customers through completed work and answer questions

  • Review what was repaired, installed, or serviced. Highlight improvements that were made.
  • Be prepared to answer any follow-up questions about the work performed or next steps.
  • Leave behind written documentation of the work as a reference for the customer.
  • RazorSync Tip: Be sure to document the work that was completed in the customer’s contact record to reference again in future jobs.

Clean up the workspace thoroughly when finished

  • Never leave behind a mess. Always return the work area to as close to the original condition as possible.
  • Offer to take any used parts or waste with you. Do not leave trash behind.
  • Thank the customer for allowing you access to their property.

Follow up after the service call to check on satisfaction

  • Call or email the day after a service call to ensure satisfaction with the technician and the work performed. This increases customer engagement and provides an opportunity for immediate feedback to correct any misunderstandings or issues.
  • Let the customer know you value their business and are available if any other needs arise.
  • RazorSync Tip: Utilize RazorSync’s recurring service feature to ensure you follow up again as promised.

Request feedback and reviews on-site before leaving

  • If the customer seems satisfied, request they leave an online review while the experience is still fresh.
  • Provide quick review links by email or card for major review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp.
  • Mention five star reviews help your business grow and are appreciated.
  • RazorSync Tip: Use RazorSync to create and email invoices directly from the RazorSync platform. In your invoice completed email, include a link to request a review.

Offer incentives for reviews like discounts or free maintenance

  • To further incentivize customers, offer a percentage discount code or free maintenance visit for leaving a review.
  • Be sure incentive disclosures comply with review site policies.
  • The small cost is well worth the benefits of more five-star reviews.

Earning glowing customer reviews should be a priority for every field service business. However, too often, reviews are an afterthought versus a strategic focus. By taking a proactive approach to customer engagement across the service journey, you can delight customers and make 5-star reviews a natural result of positive experiences. 

From in-app communications to easy customer management, RazorSync equips you with tools to increase customer engagement and set your team up for 5-star reviews. Don’t leave reviews to chance, book a demo today to discuss how our top-performing field service software can help you actively engage customers, excel at service delivery, and earn rave reviews that win new business. 

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