Top Chimney Sweep Tools Your Business Needs

Using the best equipment can not only affect your chimney sweep business’ job performance but also your reputation. Relying on inadequate tools to service homes...

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Using the best equipment can not only affect your chimney sweep business’ job performance but also your reputation. Relying on inadequate tools to service homes or commercial spaces may lead to incomplete jobs and unhappy customers. RazorSync knows that having the basic tools for your next job is essential, and we want to help you sweep customers off their feet!

You’ll need these tools and supplies you’ll need for your business to avoid being brushed aside by the competition:

Tools and Supplies Essential for Success:

  • Standard Tool Kit: This kit typically contains a wire bush, a polypropylene bush, a smoke chamber brush, an industrial vacuum, and chemical cleaners. These brushes work to thoroughly remove debris inside the chimney, especially creosote, which is the main contributor to chimney fires.
  • Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR): Health should always be a priority. A PAPR is a full-face mask that works to protect the chimney sweeper from exposure to dangerous carcinogens.
  • Canvas Drip Cloths: This cloth works to help contain the messy build up that cleaning a chimney often creates. A chimney sweeper should avoid plastic drip clothes, as this material can cause static electricity. The materials being cleaned from the chimney are flammable, which can be dangerous.
  • Industrial Grade Chimney Vacuum: The main function of a chimney sweeper’s vacuum is to help prevent the mess and pollutants of the chimney from entering a person’s home or office.
  • Inspection Camera: This camera assists chimney sweepers in performing more thorough cleanings. Additionally, it provides evidence to show homeowners what their chimneys looked like before and after a cleaning.
  • Ceramic Glass Cleaner: Sweepers need a cleaning agent designed for the type of chimney you’ll be cleaning. Some glass cleaners leave behind a layer of silicone, which prevents future build up.
  • Masonry Sealant: There are many different types of chimneys. Masonry chimneys tend to deteriorate when exposed to moisture, but using a sealant helps prevent further damage to the home.
  • Field Service Software: RazorSync’s field service app helps you optimize your workload by scheduling jobs, managing inventory and techs in the field, and estimating future jobs.
  • Mobile Credit Card Reader: A handy tool like a mobile card reader can quickly simplify and speed up the payment process for you and your customers, eliminating the need for separate paper invoicing.

Business Software Provided by RazorSync

Having the right tools for every chimney sweep job is vital for customer satisfaction and retainer business. Your first step to your success is utilizing RazorSync’s software for both employee and customer satisfaction! RazorSync’s field service software tool can help streamline your operations and keep your sweepers equipped and ready for their next chimney job. Our field service software also includes a secure mobile credit card reader to help speed up payment processing and avoid overdue billing. Your next chimney sweep job starts with having the right tools and supplies!

If you’re looking for cost-effective solutions for your chimney sweep business, try RazorSync, the industry’s #1-rated scheduling app. Get in touch today, or sign up for our free 14-day trial here.

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