Small Business Tips: How To Create More Accurate Estimates

No one knows your industry quite like you do. And as your team grows, it’s important that they are continually educated in order for your...

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No one knows your industry quite like you do. And as your team grows, it’s important that they are continually educated in order for your business to move forward. When your techs enter a job site, your customer trusts that they know the most efficient, and most affordable, way of completing the job ahead of them. So how do you ensure that your team is creating accurate estimates? 

Your team is only as good as the tools they’re given. That’s why it’s important to equip your field techs with the support they need to accurately estimate the cost of a potential project. 

As a small business owner, maintaining trust and credibility in your company is essential to ensure your long term success. In fact, 67% of customers say trust is a key factor in their continued support of a business. And when your techs provide inaccurate, outlandish estimates, your customers will feel the impact, along with your project timelines, budget, equipment and more. 

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Tips to Create More Accurate Estimates On-Site

Here are a few tips to ensure your techs provide consistent, accurate estimates:

  • Know Your Customer

Before creating an estimate, get to know the customer. Get a deep understanding of their wants, needs, and especially their budget to ensure their needs are met across the board from the start.

  • Roll It Together

Consider using a flat-rate price model for standard projects that includes everything from labor to equipment in one lump sum. This way, your customers will know they aren’t overpaying, or underpaying, for costs associated with their project.  

  • Stay Transparent

Once your estimate is created, make sure you include detailed descriptions of each component to give your customer full price transparency. Cost transparency is an easy, honest way to ensure customers are satisfied. 

  • Communicate Clearly

As you walk through needs and cost breakdowns with your customers, be sure to clearly communicate important elements of the project like the overarching timeline. 

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How a Field Service Software Can Help

It’s not enough to just review best practices for estimating and invoicing with your team, it’s about equipping them with the right tools to consistently provide strong services at strong price points. Not only will this increase customer satisfaction, but it will also increase your project close rates as well. 

With a mobile field service software, your techs can provide accurate estimates and invoicing to customers right on-site. With automatic inventory updates, mobile invoicing and signature capture, your customers can relax knowing their needs are being met in an honest, affordable way.

To see how a field service software can help your small business, experience RazorSync with a free live demo or a 14-day free trial. Contact us today!

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