Maximizing ROI with Advanced Field Service Reporting

Keeping track of technicians, customer records, overdue balances—and everything in between—is a tall task. Even for the most experienced field service companies. Although you may...

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Keeping track of technicians, customer records, overdue balances—and everything in between—is a tall task. Even for the most experienced field service companies. Although you may have internal teams managing finances, scheduling, and dispatches. The ability to access all this information in one place (from anywhere) is a must-have to compete in the field service industry, especially if you want to maximize your ROI.

At RazorSync, we understand the complexities of operating a business. This is why we’ve developed an advanced field service reporting tool with custom management features, so you can seamlessly sync all your operations, employees, and customer data into one easy-to-use system.

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How RazorSync’s Advanced Reporting Works

Using RazorSync’s field service reporting tool, you can organize information efficiently. You, your internal departments, and your field technicians can all easily access information such as inventory data, service requests, and customer history in one place. Depending on your needs, reports can be displayed in lists, pie charts, and/or bar graphs. It can be exported into Excel documents to send to customers or file internally.

How RazorSync’s Field Service Reporting Offers a Better ROI

From a business owner’s perspective, let’s look at the example of technician tracking. Say your business has multiple people completing scheduled jobs or responding to incoming dispatches. Can your current tracking software:

  1. Pull up where each field technician is located, so you can dispatch a nearby employee?
  2. Display which technicians are logging in the most service hours each day?
  3. Show whether a job has been rescheduled due to out-of-stock inventory or because additional services were required?

Most importantly, how does your current tracking system share this information with internal teams to ensure jobs are completed and priced accordingly?

With RazorSync, your company can create new or recurring field service reports that display the most up-to-date, accurate information. This helps in making business decisions quickly and more efficiently. By entering a specific date range, you can run reports on overdue balances, sales, paid invoices, and outstanding work orders. The best part is this information is available to every member of your team using any device.

If we look at reporting capabilities from a technician’s perspective, RazorSync offers the following must-have benefits:

  • Customer Data: Whether technicians are on-site or on route, they can simply pull up individual customer records. They can customize lists that display pricing tiers, recurring services, zones, type of services, assigned technicians, or last date of activity.
  • Synchronized Scheduling: Before heading out to any job, each technician can quickly filter work orders by dates, equipment needed, and customer type, so they are equipped before they clock in each day.
  • Inventory Management: Technicians can implement predictive ordering based on reports of service items, as well as track equipment and inventory right from their smartphone. This helps streamline each job and allows them to order necessary products instantly.

Having a system in place that helps you synchronize every aspect of your field service business will ensure you receive a better ROI. Contact RazorSync today to schedule a free live demo to see how our advanced field service reporting feature works to prevent job drop offs, overdue balances, out of stock resources, and much more.

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