Managing Contractors Through Your Field Service System

If your business is growing beyond what your current team can manage, you may decide to contract field workers rather than hire new employees, especially...

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If your business is growing beyond what your current team can manage, you may decide to contract field workers rather than hire new employees, especially if your company experiences fluctuations in demand due to seasonality. No matter your industry, when you hire field contractors, there’s a higher possibility of running into some hang-ups that may end up costing you more money, specifically in terms of payroll processing.

Aside from choosing the best contractors to support your company, here are some other important questions you’ll need to consider:

  • How will you manage their schedules?
  • How will you assign them new jobs?
  • How will you track your field contractors time for accurate billing/payment?

If you don’t use a field management software like RazorSync, most of these answers can quickly become extra work for your HR team to manage, creating more paperwork and opportunities for miscommunication or dropped jobs.

How RazorSync’s Field Service Management Software Simplifies HR Processing

RazorSync allows you to seamlessly connect your field service application with your company’s QuickBooks account, helping you cut down on data entry and invoicing. Other benefits to your HR operations include:

Hire & Dispatch Contractors: Contractors help fill in gaps when demand is high and tech support is low. RazorSync provides GPS employing tracking to locate which contractor to send to the nearest job site. You’ll also be able to edit schedules and notify contractors about changes instantly.

Automatic Invoice & Billing: Important job details, such as time spent at each site, materials used, and whether or not the contractor completed the work order or needed to reschedule is transferred to your invoice management software for invoicing/billing purposes. Contractors can easily include notes, photos, and signatures with each work order, which helps reduce errors and ensure every job is performed at the highest standard.

Monitor Payroll from Work Orders: With one click, employees can clock in and out after each completed job. The information is then collected and available to your HR team to accurately track and use to cut checks each pay period.

Reduced Office Work: Gone are the days when you or your HR team find yourselves working late in order to process paperwork. RazorSync provides the ability to go paperless and track employee time, hours, and inventory in real time.

Schedule a Free live Demo with RazorSync Today

Contact RazorSync to schedule a free live demo with our team. We’ll show you exactly how our field service management software can save you money, time, and unnecessary paperwork. We’ll also show you how to set up your company’s interface, design work order templates with your branding, and create a service request from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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