Guide for Creating The Perfect Pre-Listing Home Inspection Checklist

Going through a home inspection checklist before listing a house is a great way to address problems buyers will have, so don’t be surprised if...

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Going through a home inspection checklist before listing a house is a great way to address problems buyers will have, so don’t be surprised if your team gets a call asking for an inspection before your client’s house goes on the market.

Use this guide to craft a home inspection checklist that will cover the most important bases for prepping a house for sale, and making sure the client can list their price for what they think it’s worth.

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Exterior Home Inspection Checklist

The first thing that potential buyers see is the outside of your client’s house, and first impressions definitely matter in this case. Therefore, making sure that there are plenty of exterior bullets when making your home inspection checklist is essential.


A healthy yard can transform a house on a plot of land into a home, so ensuring the lawn is clean and pristine is a good first step. Advances in landscaping technology will help with making sure any greenery is healthy, and native flowers will add a splash of color with low upkeep costs. Also, ensuring any cracks in your lawn or foundation are filled helps make every house look fresh and new regardless of age.

Roof & Gutters

All houses have roofs, and buyers will look to ensure it’s in top condition. Add repairing any damaged or missing shingles, checking the ventilation system, and chimney maintenance to your home inspection checklist. Also, don’t neglect any clogged gutters in your inspection. Making sure the gutters are cleaned regularly is important to the maintenance of your client’s overall property.

Doors & Windows

Doors and windows play such an important role in the home that it’s incredibly noticeable when they’re not up to code. You’ll definitely need to add repairing any cracks or rot on the frames and screens of windows and doors on your home inspection checklist. Additionally, test the ease with which you can open the doors and windows of your client’s home to ensure they don’t creak or groan when the buyer tests them out for the first time.

Interior Home Inspection Checklist

Once the buyer has gotten past the exterior of the house, then it’s time to impress them with the meat and potatoes: the interior of the house! Buyers will pay close attention to every aspect of the house before they buy it. Your home inspection checklist should cover all the most important bases of the inside of your client’s home.


Buyers will probably have an idea of how many bedrooms and bathrooms they’ll want in their next house. You should make sure that each room has working ventilation, and that the bedroom has the right number of electrical outlets spaced out correctly. The placement of the outlets is important to buyers, especially if the bedroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light.

Regarding the bathroom checklist, add checking the plumbing and water pressure and making sure there aren’t any signs of mold or water damage to your inspection to-dos.

Kitchen & Appliances

The kitchen and the house’s various appliances are some of the most dangerous fixtures in the home. You’ll need to have a thorough walk-through on your home inspection checklist for these to prepare the house for buyers.

Other than opening cabinets and checking that pipes are in working order, you’ll also want to check that your client’s appliances are in good shape. Machines like the oven, refrigerator, washers, and dryer can be costly to replace and dangerous to leave alone. Depending on the age and the condition of the appliances, suggest some appliance repair and maintenance tips to your client.

Living & Sitting Rooms

When entering a home, the sitting areas are usually the first rooms you see. Buyers will be looking for a living room space large enough to meet their aesthetic needs, so your job is to make sure they have the essential equipment.

Check to make sure any cables are out of the way and electrical outlets all function properly for entertainment systems. Also, check the floors and walls for any scrapes or scratches made by furniture. Buyers will want to make sure that they can make a fresh start in their new sitting rooms, so make sure the space is suitable for different needs.

Key Takeaways

Prepare to put your client’s pre-listing worries to rest, and use this guide to craft the ultimate home inspection checklist! Also, make sure to check out our blog on cost-efficient home improvement deals so your customers won’t break the bank on any repairs.

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