Improve Your Clients Homes: Appliance Repair Service and Post-Service Maintenance

Home appliances serve an array of household needs and assist in making a home run smoothly. However, these appliances can be costly and require good...

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Home appliances serve an array of household needs and assist in making a home run smoothly. However, these appliances can be costly and require good care to last a long time. After your technicians perform an appliance repair service for a homeowner, it’s important they communicate how to properly care for the machine to ensure it’s longevity. 

How to Prolong the Life of Common Household Appliances

Washing Machine 

An overflowing hamper causes unpleasant sights and smells for a homeowner, making caring for your washing machine a top priority. After routine repairs, there are extra measures your client can take to care for their washer. For example, regularly checking its water hose is a great way to get ahead of any damage. Any bulges or cracks are signs that it needs replacing. Along with this, making sure the machine is sitting properly is important. It should be level and be a few inches away from the wall. Also, it’s important to remind clients not to overstuff their washers to prevent unnecessary stress on the appliance.


A broken dryer is a huge inconvenience. After completing a dryer appliance repair service, a technician should stress the importance of regularly cleaning the lint filter with each use to avoid the risk of a house fire. The lint filter should also be removed and cleaned with soap every few months. Simple acts of removing lint make the dryer more effective and allow the appliance to run efficiently for a longer period of time. 


Refrigerator repair is a common and costly appliance repair service. One way homeowners can care for their appliance is by checking the seal on its doors. Emphasizing the importance of doors shutting properly can avoid both wasted energy costs and escaped air. To remedy this, we recommend cleaning both the fridge and its door seals by applying a baking soda water mixture with a toothbrush for maintenance and to prevent unwanted bacteria. 


Neglecting your dishwasher’s filter can quickly make the appliance ineffective. Reminding customers to clean the filter is a great way to prevent future damage and ineffeciency. Another important tip for dishwasher care is ensuring the machine closes properly before each use. If the seals leak, it can cause major water damage in a home. Cleaning both the appliance filter and door seals with a clean dishrag after every few washes will prevent appliance mishaps and ineffective cleaning cycles.

To reduce the volume of repetitive appliance repair services, give your customers the necessary cleaning and maintenance tips to prolong the life of their machines. These are simple and easy ways to save your customers money and prevent household inconveniences caused by broken appliances. 

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