Field Service Safety Procedures Your Business Should Implement

Implementing and enforcing safety procedures within the workplace should always be a priority. People want to see that their employer or the company they’re investing...

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Implementing and enforcing safety procedures within the workplace should always be a priority. People want to see that their employer or the company they’re investing in takes measures to protect the well-being of their workers. As a result, these protocols act to satisfy and protect both field service technicians and customers. Given the importance of safety on the job, field service companies should reexamine and continue to develop their safety practices.

Here are some field service safety procedures your business should implement.

Health Screenings

One valuable lesson to take away from pandemic recovery is the importance of health assessments. As people brace themselves for cold and flu season, companies can take measures to prevent the spread of illness. When field service technicians come to work, they should be asked a series of questions regarding symptoms and whether those they live with are experiencing symptoms. These simple safety procedures can keep other workers from catching illnesses and keep technicians healthy.

Contactless Service

In the past year, there has been a huge shift in safety procedures. The use of contactless services to prevent the spread of disease became very popular in the field service industry. One innovation tied to contactless service is the rise of contactless payments. 55% of American consumers reported that handling cash concerns them. The transition to contactless payment has contributed to ending worries associated with handling cash. It prevents the transmission of disease from exchanging bills or from the interactions that occur when exchanging cash. 

On top of this, contactless payment is safer in the sense that automation provides more digital security measures, which are more secure for the client. Aside from payment-related perks, contactless service is used in the form of client video calls. Customers video chat with technicians about their issues, minimizing the time spent on-site and the possibility of germs spreading.

Contact Tracing

Field service work is a busy and mobile job. Being diligent about tracking and reporting exactly where field service technicians have worked promotes safety in the workplace. Contact tracing is one of the most important safety procedures because it allows management to trace the exact path of destinations a field service worker has visited. If there is a health scare or emergency, it is easy to accurately identify the locations impacted and all people exposed to the spread of illness.

Proper Training

Field service work often involves going on-site and accomplishing tasks. Workers often encounter dangerous situations, such as having to climb to perform a task or being exposed to toxins. Communicating safety procedures during initial company training is a must in the field service industry. This includes stressing the importance of wearing protective garments, what to do when faced with a dangerous situation, and how to execute the job safely. Workers need to know what to do when faced with an issue and understand how to properly execute the job in order to avoid mistakes and dangerous situations. Along with training, field service companies should enforce tag-teaming jobs. In the case of a safety issue, there will always be another technician to prevent any issues.

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