How Field Service Software Helps You Quote the Right Price

Whether you work in IT, plumbing, HVAC, or landscaping, your time “literally” equals money. But to stay competitive in the field service industry, it takes...

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Whether you work in IT, plumbing, HVAC, or landscaping, your time “literally” equals money. But to stay competitive in the field service industry, it takes more than experienced technicians and the best equipment on the market.

What you also need is an advanced field service software solution to help you balance invoicing, scheduling, and time tracking simultaneously, allowing your business operations to run without interruption.

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Why Use Field Service Management Software for Pricing?

Scenario 1:

Let’s say you work in the landscaping industry, and you receive a request for a new job. The potential client owns several acres of land, which she’d like you to cultivate and surround with plants, trees, and the addition of a waterfall rock garden. She wants work to begin as soon as possible and is already in the process of comparing quotes from other contractors.


A field service app, like RazorSync, makes the process of quoting a new job simple. Using our advanced estimating and billing feature, you can easily create new items needed to complete the jobincluding labor hours and equipment neededand import existing items from similar jobs from Quickbooks to ensure your quote is both accurate and aligns with your company’s pricing structure. From there, you can send the quote off to the potential client to review in seconds.

Scenario 2:

Now, let’s say you get the job, and your technicians are out in the field. They discover that the client is also interested in adding brambling vines around the rock garden.


With RazorSync, your team can quickly add this item to the existing invoice to give the client an accurate, up-to-the-minute estimate, allowing your company to capitalize on unique selling opportunities while in the field.

Additional Field Service Software Features for Creating a Competitive Quote

Personalized Accounts: In addition to creating accurate estimates from exciting invoices, you also have the option of customizing quotes and invoices for each individual client. By doing so, your customers receive a clear breakdown of labor, parts, equipment, and time tracked for each individual project, which they can easily download as a PDF or Excel document.

Inventory Updates: Having an inventory management tool will help you monitor your supply in real-time to ensure your technicians have the equipment and tools they need to complete the project. You’ll receive alerts when inventory is low and notifications when it becomes available again. This feature will aid your technicians in the field, should another unique selling opportunity arise or an unscheduled repair require attention.   

Tracking Time: You can also track employee hours for each job, instantly. From there, you’ll be able to convert these hours into billable time and identity any overtime, as well. This unique feature not only helps you with billing current jobs, but it also provides a great point of reference for quoting similar projects in the future.

To learn more about RazorSync, schedule a free live demo today! Our team will walk you through every advanced feature our app offers and how you can optimize your operations with our easy-to-use smart field service software. Contact us today to learn more or explore our website to read from other satisfied customers.

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