Field Service Management: 5 Things HVAC Contractors Needs to Know About RazorSync

Spring is finally here. And for most HVAC companies, that means a higher volume of calls for annual inspections and air conditioning repairs. But without...

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Man on mobile device using Razor Sync's field service management software

Spring is finally here. And for most HVAC companies, that means a higher volume of calls for annual inspections and air conditioning repairs. But without the right field service management software, the task of managing incoming requests, equipment inventory, and field scheduling can easily become disconnected—resulting in incomplete jobs and unhappy customers.

To give you a quick preview on how RazorSync can help your company, we’ve listed our top five features that can help HVAC contractors streamline their operations.

Top 5 Benefits of RazorSync’s Field Service Management Tool

  • Simplifies Communication: Using RazorSync’s work management feature, your HVAC technicians know exactly where they need to be today, tomorrow, and every day of the year. Our software allows you to easily track how long your technicians spend at each site and where they are, at any given time. So, if an emergency repair or request comes in near their location, you can dispatch work to them in seconds and help them find the best route to get to their next job promptly.
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling: When a job gets canceled, rescheduled, or added to the calendar, RazorSync makes it easy to adjust your technicians’ schedules in real time with a “drag and drop” feature. And because our software automatically syncs to your team’s Google calendars, your HVAC technicians receive instant notifications if a job has been changed or if they need to fill in for another team member.
  • Eliminates Incomplete Jobs: Sometimes in field service, a technician may not have the right equipment to complete a job or the task is taking longer than estimated. When this happens, jobs need to be rescheduled. And it’s important to communicate this change to the rest of the team to ensure the job gets completed in a timely manner. From inventory management tracking to work history reports and customer notes, your technicians can easily track each project status and required next steps, so customers stay happy and jobs stay active until they are complete.
  • Manage Recurring Jobs: If your company offers preventative maintenance plans, it’s likely you’ll be inspecting a number of commercial or residential properties on a routine basis. RazorSync allows you to create a series of jobs with a single entry and easily track monthly and annual appointments or send quick reminders to follow-up with previous customers.
  • Access from Anywhere: Working in field services might mean traveling to areas with poor internet connection. With RazorSync, your HVAC technicians can track time, complete work orders, and store data offline, from anywhere.

Choosing the Right Field Service Management Software for HVAC

In an industry, like HVAC, where appointments are constantly changing—due to emergency repairs and seasonal maintenance needs—having an app that’s both flexible and customizable is key. At RazorSync, we help you simplify field service management with easy-to-use, advanced features that allow your technicians, internal departments, and customers to stay connected through any desktop or mobile device. This ensures your heating and cooling company can complete tasks on time, service more customers, and stay ahead of scheduling changes.

To experience the full benefits of our field service software, schedule a free live demo with us today! We’ll walk you through how to customize our advanced features to help streamline your HVAC business all year round! Have question? Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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