Best Handyman Field Service Tracking Software Features

Working as a field service manager in the appliance repair industry presents its own set of challenges. From managing techs and scheduling emergency repairs to...

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Best field service tracking software

Working as a field service manager in the appliance repair industry presents its own set of challenges. From managing techs and scheduling emergency repairs to tracking customer information, service history, payments, and more, there’s a lot of room for error.

Luckily, RazorSync has the field service tracking software you need to meet daily demands, fill in scheduling gaps, and keep customers happy and coming back!

Top Three Best Handyman Field Service Tracking Features

1.) Advanced Scheduling/Tracking

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to track down your techs in the field to handle a last minute repair. And because keeping customers happy means sending the nearest technician immediately the next available job request, timing is crucial.

RazorSync makes scheduling easy to manage from the office, on the road, and in the field.

Here’s how it works:

When your dispatch team receives a service request, they can locate the nearest tech using GPS tracking. From there, they’ll notify the employee of the job change via text or email, and sync the word order to their schedule, so your tech has the customer details, driving directions, and service information to complete the repair in less time.

Your employees can also sync schedules to their Google calendars and review each field service work order and schedule 5 days in advance to help them plan ahead.

2.) Improved CRM

RazorSync’s customer portal allows your customers to take an active role in the repair process. Using the portal, they can request a service, accept a quote, pay an outstanding bill, and view past invoices on their own and from anywhere. The best part is they can stay connected with your tech on route to their address, giving them confidence and assurance that no matter how big or small the repair, your team is on the job!

How RazorSync’s CRM Tool Works:

Once you registered with RazorSync, you can invite customers to log into your customer portal, where they can easily request a repair, make payments, and check a job status right from their smartphone. For added benefit, RazorSync can help you customize your self-service customer portal to match your company’s brand. To learn more about this feature, contact RazorSync today!

3.) Automated Recurring Billing

Say goodbye to messy paperwork and unpaid invoices for good! With RazorSync, you can create custom quotes and invoice templates to send customers the minute a request is called in. You can also enable recurring notifications to remind customers when payments are due or past due.

How it Works:

Once a quote is created, the customer receives a link where they can view the work, equipment, and cost needed to complete the repair. Once the quote is accepted, it immediately generates into an active invoice, allowing your techs to begin work without wasting time and effort. And if you have customers who require custom pricing or certain tax breaks, our customer specific feature allows you to modify invoices to generate the correct pricing.

Learn how RazorSync can help your appliance repair company save time and money and optimize customer satisfaction! Request a live demo today, so our team can come to your location and show you just how much you’ll benefit from our advanced field service management solution!

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