4 Best Practices for Growing Your Lawn Care Business

Summer is heating up fast. If you run a small landscaping or lawn care company, your calendar is steadily filling up with new clients and...

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Summer is heating up fast. If you run a small landscaping or lawn care company, your calendar is steadily filling up with new clients and retainer jobs for the season. But how do you keep up with this growing demand? 

Growing the operational side of your business is important, but without an effective field service management solution, you risk more jobs getting tangled up in weeds. Field service software can help simplify the process for maximum benefit!

Here are 4 of the best practices to keep in mind when trying to grow your lawn care business:

Permits & Business License

Visit your local county clerk’s office to find out which types of landscaping permits you’ll need to legally operate your business. If you’ve recently hired additional employees or contractors this summer, your company may qualify for new requirements, so make sure you consult with your state’s department of business regulation and tax revenue office (Chron.com).  

Employee Scheduling

Making sure employees are always on route to their next destination is a full time job. If you’re relying on paper scheduling or emails, important details (e.g. client addresses, work orders, customer history, etc.) can get lost in translation, causing unhappy customers and unnecessary headaches. 

Using a field service management app, like RazorSync, you and your dispatch team can easily manage employees’ schedules with a simple drag and drop feature. If a job is cancelled or rescheduled, your techs receive an instant notification, saving you money on gas, labor, and equipment.  

Recurring Invoices

Having customers on a monthly contract is profitable for your business, but how does your company track recurring billing/invoices/scheduling? Though you’re getting more jobs, if one or a few recurring invoices go left unpaid, that total adds up quickly. 

RazorSync helps you automate your billing cycle, so customers receive their recurring bills on time, without you having to lift a finger. You can also enable automated notifications to notify customers when the due date of an invoice or quote is approaching or has passed.

Customer Retention

By helping your clients maintain a beautiful, freshly manicured lawn, you’re also retaining their loyalty, so they keep coming back each year. For example, if you typically manage lawn care for an industrial or commercial area, it’s likely you want to keep that high stream of revenue in the books for next season, as well.  Therefore, it’s essential you have a flexible CRM solution in place that keeps each customer’s history on file and easily accessible.

RazorSync offers an advanced customer management tool that allows you to keep every work order, note, and invoice directly linked to each customer’s individual portal. This also allows you to track where your customers are coming from to help you optimize your marketing campaigns.

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Refresh your lawn care business with a field service system that actually works! Learn how we’ve helped other landscaping companies save time and money through our app’s advanced features and reporting capabilities. If you’d like to try a free live demo to see how RazorSync can help streamline your lawn care business, contact us today to learn more!

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