3 Warning Signs Your Property Maintenance Software Needs an Upgrade

If your business is responsible for maintenance on more than one apartment complex or commercial building, keeping up with service requests, billing, and client communication...

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If your business is responsible for maintenance on more than one apartment complex or commercial building, keeping up with service requests, billing, and client communication is a constant juggling act. And if your property maintenance software isn’t making the job easier, it might be time to trade in your old system for a better solution.

Here are 3 Signs It’s time to Upgrade Your Business’s Property Maintenance Software

1.) Your software doesn’t include a self-service portal: How do you communicate with your clients? By email, phone, or via text messages? This may be sufficient if you work with 1 or 2 property managers, but if your team’s responsible for multiple properties, keeping track of who’s who isn’t so easy.

Solution: Your property maintenance software should include an online portal for clients to create their own profiles. This provides you with a digital snapshot of each client’s contract agreements, payment history, etc. and provides a higher level of control and transparency to stay connected to your team when new service requests come in.

2.) Your software doesn’t accept maintenance requests: If your clients are requesting repairs or reporting damages over the phone, there’s a good chance certain jobs may be falling through the cracks.

Solution: In addition to a client online portal, your system should include a facility maintenance management software that allows managers to make service requests and check the status of their work orders using any smart device.

Why does this matter? Imagine unit #422 in an apartment building is experiencing a ceiling leak. Your client can immediately send an urgent request via their smartphone to your dispatch team, who can then locate a maintenance tech onsite to assess and repair the leak to prevent further damage. In the interim, your client receives notifications that the work is being performed as well as when it’s completed, giving them confidence and peace of mind.

And we all know that happy clients means your job just got a whole lot easier!

3.) Your software doesn’t accept online payments: Are you still manually collecting and processing client payments? This takes so much time and energy away from your other duties, and keeping track of everyone’s monthly fees or late payments can be a hassle—even for the most organized team.

Solution: A building facility maintenance software that allows your customers to complete payments through their online portal can significantly streamline your operations and make the task of processing payments a breeze! And though securely collecting and processing payments is a must with any maintenance software, your system should also send clients recurring billing reminders when payments are due and notifications when its late.

Is Your Property Maintenance Software Making the Cut?

If your management system is making you do all the leg work, RazorSync has a better solution! From helping you schedule repairs, track inventory, and collect recurring payments to keeping you connected to your techs, internal departments, and clients, our property management software with mobile app offers leading industry features that are designed to simplify all your on-demand operations.

If you’re ready for a better solution, request a free live demo with RazorSync today!

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