Do You Really Need to Take Job Scheduling Digital?

If so, Is a Work Schedule Template Enough?

How does your service business handle employee scheduling? A white board on the wall by the dispatcher’s desk? Maybe you have considered downloading a free work schedule template or calendar software and moving it to your computer. Will it be worth the trouble? After the initial investment in time, it may be easier to make adjustments to the schedule and to match it up to payroll, but it won’t get more jobs done in the course of the day. It will not increase your bottom line.

Consider the issues involved. Your business is constantly challenged to respond to each service call as quickly as possible. You need to flex your schedule to cover emergencies, employee absences, cancelled jobs and jobs that run longer than expected. And you need to communicate changes in the work schedule to employees and customers.

It is time to invest in work scheduling software that connects your office directly with your employees and customers. There are a number of solutions available. We believe RazorSync is, in addition to providing a host of features, is the most manageable and least expensive option.

Imagine this: Before scheduling a new job, you view employees and customers on a map. That makes it easy to find the nearest qualified unit for the job. You drag and drop the employee on the job. The software automatically sends a text or email to the employee and customer, notifying them of the new assignment and arrival time. Your employee uses the same system to clock in and out from the job site. Invoicing is automatic and itemizes time on site and parts.

  • The result?
  • You saved on travel time.
  • You avoided phone call time (and the danger an employee or customer will call from the road.)
  • Your customer got accurate arrival time.
  • Your employee had less down time.
  • Your payroll will tie directly to the job.
  • You have reduced data entry time at the office.

At the end of the day, you have saved money, improved response time, improved employee accountability and improved customer relations. And the mobile-based work schedule template can easily be customized to your business. How can you afford not to try it? In fact, we offer a free trial, during which our customer support team will be ready to help you at every point.

Do you have to toss the white board? Well, no. It does give the artists in the group a place to display their work.

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