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Are Field Service Mobile Card Readers Really Safe?

Mobile card readers are mechanisms that attach to a smartphone or tablet, enabling your device to read and process debit or credit card payments. This type of system typically works in tandem with a mobile point of sale (mPOS) software, running off of your mobile device. 

Incorporating a field service software into your operations that has the ability to receive payments on any job site is convenient for you, your techs, and your customers. In fact, it can dramatically simplify paperwork and increase the speed of payment for each completed or recurring job.

While this technology offers more convenience and flexibility, many customers still wonder whether mobile card readers are safe to use.

Common Concerns about Mobile Card Readers

As technology evolves, the need to keep our data secure becomes increasingly essential for businesses and customers alike. Some common concerns about its usage include:

  • Where is my data being stored?
  • Will my data be encrypted?
  • Is my data susceptible to hacking?
  • Is the software PCI compliant?

Benefits of Using RazorSync’s Mobile Credit Card Reader

Using RazorSync’s mobile credit card reader to process in-field payments, both customers and businesses can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Secure Credit Card Processing – Data is encrypted before the card reader sends it to the device being used. In addition, our system was approved by the Visa Ready program.
  • Automatic Billing – Customer credit cards are securely stored on file and processed through our merchant partner TSYS during each billing cycle. 
  • Complete Compatibility – The RazorSync card reader is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Fast Payments – Allows your customers to pay immediately and eliminates the need for paper invoicing.
  • Improved Accuracy – Payment information is integrated with customer records and invoicing, so nothing gets dropped from the field to the office.

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