Let’s Talk Trash- Best Waste Removal Services and Practices for Businesses

Completing a home improvement job for your client doesn’t end when you complete your task, it also involves the waste removal services necessary to leave...

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Completing a home improvement job for your client doesn’t end when you complete your task, it also involves the waste removal services necessary to leave the space clean and tidy. Safely and effectively removing debris for a waste removal job or following a landscaping or home improvement project is an important step in any service call.

Best Waste Removal Services and Practices

Clearing the space prior to waste removal

In many cases, waste removal can be a large job that involves clearing broken machinery or large amounts of debris. First, understand the environment around your waste removal job. This allows you to adequately plan how to best get the job done and give your technicians an idea of the setting. That way, your team will know roughly how long the job will take, if heavy machinery needs to be carried, if they need to bring a dumpster or other equipment, if vehicles need to be moved, and more. Once you understand the situation, communicate with your clients to give them instructions prior to the job.

Measuring the waste

Waste removal services can be timely. Creating strong communication with your client regarding what old furniture, appliances, and other trash need to be removed from their home make for a smoother waste removal process. Your team will have a better idea of the task at hand, how long it will take, and how many dumpsters and bins are needed to carry and dispose of the waste from a job. That way, all garbage will be able to be removed. By measuring the waste, you can quickly complete the task and avoid any hassle for your client.

Mitigating garbage odors

Garages can easily build up debris and produce foul odors. Before removing garbage for a property, ensure all waste is properly bagged and there is no stray trash. If any trash is left astray or placed in the bin by itself, nasty odors will produce and be difficult to combat. On top of this, if your client’s trash bin is overflowing, instruct them to buy a second bin rather than trying to jam all their trash bags into one trash can. If they try to shove all the bags into one single bin, they may rip and cause trash to spill out and start to smell.

Encourage clients to donate

You know what they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. While some of your client’s “junk” may not serve them anymore, it could still be functional. For example, a waste removal call could include removing an old, outdated washing machine to make space for a new one. If your client is looking for a place to donate their old appliances or furniture, a few places to consider that would take them are Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity. Once your team has removed the appliances, these organizations will come and collect anything that can be donated, requiring no additional work for the technicians or client. 

Waste removal services and practices can be made easy with adequate communication. Understanding the role your business is playing for your client can ease the trash removal process.

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