Top 4 Things to Expect From Your Dispatch Software

When it comes to managing a business in the field service industry, it’s easy to get trapped working long hours to ensure office operations are...

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When it comes to managing a business in the field service industry, it’s easy to get trapped working long hours to ensure office operations are running smoothly. Add on a team of technicians, and your workload becomes too heavy to handle alone. Trying to efficiently run your business and manage your team, all while ensuring customer satisfaction is easier said than done. In fact, small businesses lose more than 70% of their customers as a result of poor customer service. That’s where dispatch software comes in.

With a dispatch software, you have the ability to streamline daily business operations and empower your team of field workers, without having to stack on more hours to your day. Not only that, but with a reliable digital solution, your team is equipped with the tools they need to ensure high-quality work, performance and customer service in the field. 

With so many field service applications on the market, how do you know which features are right for your dispatching needs? Here are the most important features you should expect from your dispatch software.

Job Scheduling

If you’re a field service industry veteran, you’ll know that job scheduling is a key player in improving and retaining customer relationships. When you have a team of technicians that spend the majority of their days working in the field, it’s important that your dispatch software syncs seamlessly with a mobile/tablet app. Once a call comes in and a job is scheduled, that information will instantly sync with the corresponding team member and update them on the task ahead. 

Route Optimization

Long wait times and missed arrival times not only impact customer retention, but can also leave your field techs feeling rushed and unequipped to do quality work. With route optimization capabilities, your dispatch software ensures that your multi-stop drivers are always taking the most efficient route–saving both overall drive times and fuel costs. With accurate traffic data, techs that have multiple stops between jobs, like in the pool, landscape, or pest control industries, are conveniently updated with travel duration times, taking the guesswork out of fieldwork. 

GPS Tracking

Whether you have an entire fleet or a small handful of field techs, ensuring your dispatch software has advanced mapping and GPS features will help reduce costs, and increase both worker safety and productivity. With an onscreen map that color-codes your field workers’ locations in real-time, you have the ability to assign the closest tech to jobs as they are called in, and easily keep track of your team in the field. And with mobile connectivity, your workers can clock in and out conveniently from their smartphone or tablet with the click of a button.

Custom Service Templates

For field workers that typically have recurring customers or service requests, an ideal dispatch software will allow you and your team the ability to customize service templates according to your workflow. With pre-made templates, you reduce the amount of data entry required on-site and ensure your techs are implementing industry best practices for each service request. 

With a reliable, robust dispatch software, you arm your field workers with the tools they need to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. And when your techs operate more efficiently, your customers reap the benefits. To learn more about what a powerful dispatch software like RazorSync can do for your business, schedule a free live demo or try us free for 14 days.

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