Best Practices for Sustainability in Field Service

The Importance of Sustainability in Field Service If the recent buzz around sustainability has you wondering if you should revamp your environmental approach, you’re in...

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The Importance of Sustainability in Field Service

If the recent buzz around sustainability has you wondering if you should revamp your environmental approach, you’re in the right place!

What is “Sustainability”?

Simply put, sustainability in business refers to the impact of your operations on the natural environment and economy. . According to the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainability “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” 

How does this apply to the Field Service industry?

The transition to environmentally-friendly practices is happening across industries. Green initiatives – practices set to intentionally reverse the impact of carbon emissions – are transforming the market as we know it. Companies are finding different, more innovative ways to reduce their footprint. Thus, opening a wide array of opportunities for new adopters.

What’s more, sustainability is forecasted to drive 12 trillion dollars annually as early as 2030. This shift includes updating existing infrastructure as well as investing in green construction. In the coming years, much of the market as we know it will look different, and the field service industry is no exception. The field service industry has the potential to be a key player in reversing the impacts of the current carbon emissions!

“In Europe, less than 5% of vehicles are commercial vehicles or heavy-duty trucks, but they contribute to almost 20% of greenhouse gas emissions”

Field Service in the Future

We are currently living in the largest wave of urbanization in human history. This is because the global building stock is expected to grow by 2.4 trillion square feet. This is equal to adding New York City to the world, every month, for the next 40 years. That being said, in addition to the push for sustainability, every major sector (energy, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, and more), is going to play a part in the construction of the next century. 

The labor, material use, and equipment construction this global push will require is unimaginable. For that reason, field service professionals may be the driving forces behind these metaphorical monopolies. Field service professionals will be the individuals implementing solar panels, green plumbing efforts, eco-friendly appliances, and everything the green future will entail. As a result, field service technicians have the ability not only to positively impact the human population but also grow their revenue exponentially with the current demand.  

The timeliness of an urban push and the social pressure for sustainability create endless opportunities for the early movers of the sustainable field service industry. Additionally, the mounting pressure corporations are facing to minimize their environmental footprint from consumers, competitors, and investors alike is creating a massive demand for eco-conscious field service technicians. 

All that considered, as sustainability becomes not only a centerpiece of operations but also a strategic marketing priority, here are some starting ideas to start your journey towards sustainability.

  • Optimizing Routes & Fuel Consumption
  • Increasing First Time Fix & Decreasing Repeat Visits
  • Remote Technicians Triage & Diagnostics
  • IoT (sensor) Condition-Based Service Reduces Inventory 

The environment of the future is built by individuals today- try Razorsync for free today, and make responsible field service practices accessible!

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