The Ultimate Guide To Small Business Marketing For The Field Service Industry

You’ve formulated a plan, filed all the paperwork, and now you’ve finally started your very own field service business! Obviously, the next step is acquiring...

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You’ve formulated a plan, filed all the paperwork, and now you’ve finally started your very own field service business! Obviously, the next step is acquiring your first customers, and the best way is to use small business marketing tactics. Marketing has its own challenges and solutions to get your business in front of the right potential customers’ faces. Basically, all you have to do is figure out which methods work for you!

Here’s a guide to help you kick your field service business into high gear with digital marketing:

1. Create a company website
2. Try social media marketing
3. Engage with your local community
4. Utilize a field service software

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1. Create a company website

Straightaway, your website is the first impression potential customers get, and first impressions matter in small business marketing! There are plenty of effective website builders suitable for beginner businesses despite the size. Moreover, even smaller websites can look and feel professional with the right design and layout. When you build and design your website, make sure to keep these essential elements in mind:

  • Come up with a domain name that’s simple, catchy, and unique to your company’s field services. If potential customers recall your website easily then they’ll be more likely to seek it out to view its content. For example, Shopify’s domain name generator comes up with original names while letting you search through names that are already taken.
  • Include a company mission statement that describes your business’ values and what field service solutions you provide. Being upfront with who you are and what problems you plan to address generally helps build trust with potential customers from the start.
  • Keep the content on your site relevant and informative, but not overwhelming. An overview of your services, multiple ways to engage with and contact your field service company, and some pictures or videos of your work give potential customers a clear idea of what your business has to offer.

2. Try social media marketing

You’ve eventually decked out your website with the necessary company biography and mission statement, an overview of your field services, and pictures of your team doing amazing work. Above all, utilizing social media channels to drive traffic to your website is a great small business marketing method. In today’s society, social media marketing helps boost awareness of your field service company at low costs.

With various platforms to choose from, hashtags to sift through, and content to post, here are some factors to consider:

  • Pick a few platforms that work for the content you want to post and focus on growing your audience there. Choose the social networks your target audience uses through demographic research and create eye-catching field service content they’ll appreciate.
  • Afterward, nail down what platforms you use, make engaging and interactive content, and choose the days and times you post and stick with it. Balance a regular posting schedule with appealing content that focuses on your company, its services, and any promotions you offer.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the elements of your social media strategy. Moreover, you might find that your target audience uses specific hashtags or interact with certain types of field service content. Knowing which posts perform well provides valuable insight into what your customers want and need.

3. Engage with your local community

Building a local customer network through reputation and word-of-mouth marketing is another strong small business marketing tactic. As a field service business owner, you benefit most from offering services to the people in your community.

Nevertheless, if you’re lost on how to start to engage with your community, start with these simple and effective actions:

  • Make flyers and business cards promoting your field service business. This gives potential customers in your community information that’s easily accessible and shared with others. It furthers the word-of-mouth around your business, which 88% of customers trust far more than any guarantees you make.
  • Participate in local community events on behalf of your field service business. Set up a stand at county fairs, attend charity benefits, or be a sponsor for community events. This allows you to meet your neighbors and exposes your company in a positive light.
  • Customer referral incentives encourage current customers to use your field service business again and go and advocate for your services on your behalf. Additionally, offer discounted services, specials, gift cards, or even cash incentives in return for one loyal customer and potential new ones.

Bonus: Utilize a field service software

Finally, while the above marketing tactics are great for promoting your field service business, it’s important to implement methods that create brand loyalty and brand evangelists. For one thing, retaining existing customers increases profitability by 25%-95% and it’s expensive to try and generate new customers. Field service software, like RazorSync, is a tool that can be used to improve your service quality and boost [customer satisfaction and retention](Link to blog 2).

Check out how RazorSync’s top features can help streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and grow your business:

Revenue Improvement 

Maximize your revenue with the revenue improvement feature. Automate billing operations, quickly generate professional invoices, and accept payment from out in the field and in the office.

razorsync app screen overview and credit card payment details displayed on computer, tablet, and phone

Customer Experiences

Transform your customer relationships with the customer experiences feature. Easily manage your customer data, send custom notifications, and interact with your customers through a RazorSync-supported portal.

razorsync app screen company overview with map, invoice history, and service requests

Field Service Tech Management

Manage your team with zero hassle through the field service tech management feature. Track your workers’ hours and locations through color-coded workflows in real-time.

Schedule Organization

Seamlessly plan out your day-to-day operations with the schedule organization feature. Schedule jobs with drag-and-drop ease, view your calendar for days, weeks, and months at a time, and improve communication between your team and the office.

razorsync app screen with service requests and calendar

RazorSync’s field service software will help you manage your team and inventory to ensure that you can provide modernized, high-quality field services efficiently. Contact RazorSync for details, book a demo, or try it free for 14 days.

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