How to Simplify Your CRM System with RazorSync

Every business needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help grow its customer base. And regardless of the type of solution you choose, your...

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Every business needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help grow its customer base. And regardless of the type of solution you choose, your CRM system should allow you the freedom to:

  • Collect and store customer data securely
  • Proactively manage both existing and new customer information
  • Drive customer retention efforts
  • Generate new leads

Additionally, your CRM solution needs the flexibility to adapt to your business’s growing needs, as well as any changes in technology, your industry, and the marketplace. 

With RazorSync, you can seamlessly manage and grow your customer base with custom features designed to benefit both small and larger-size businesses. 

About Our Customer Management Software

From tracking customer records to updating service history in real time from any smart device, our customer management software keeps customer information organized and accessible whenever and wherever you need it. Our app helps you:

Empower Customers: Customers can check job status, pay invoices, and request service repairs from their individual self-service portal. 

Retain Customer Info: All customer history and correspondence (including communications, notes, and photos) are stored in a secured location.

Actively Manage Existing/New Customers: All customer notes and updates can be entered from any job site, which allows you to create new service requests based on previous work performed for a customer with more accuracy. 

Target New Leads: Our CRM system allows you to track where your customers are coming from to help you target new leads and drive more sales. 

FAQs About Our Customer Management Software

Q: Can You Import Customer History from an Existing Software? 

Yes. Within our customer management software we have multiple ways of importing customer history from Excel, QB Desktop, QB online, Google contacts, and mobile contacts. But, we only import customer details from these sources. Not the actually invoice and job history. For other software programs, and advanced imports, we do have an ETL engine that can be utilized to import additional history, but this is offered as a pro service or for additional activation fees.

Q: Can I Restore a Deleted Customer?

Yes, you can restore a deleted customer via our soft delete function. Contact our support team, so we can help you restore customers, past invoices, and service requests. 

Q: Can I Sort Sub-Customers/Address Alphabetically?

Yes! Our customer management software allows you to move the addresses up or down via the arrows function. You can also sort either by recently viewed customers or recently created customers.

Q: What Does Verifying an Address Do?

Verifying an address in RazorSync confirms that it is a valid address via Google Maps. Verified addresses will display properly via the maps in RazorSync and allows for accurate route optimization.

Q: Is There a Way to Filter Customers or Make Them Inactive?

We have many filters options, as well as search and advanced search options. We also have the ability to set different “customer types” within RazorSync, and those customers can be searched for or filtered by their specific customer type (or source type, or sales person associated, or pricing tier )

Need to Update Your CRM Software?

If your customer management software is making you feel out of touch with your customers, request a free live demo with RazorSync today! We’ll help you customize your CRM solution for more organization and better retention. 

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