Pre-Holiday Cleaning 101: Effective Professional Furniture Cleaning Methods and Tips

No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season is a time for loved ones to gather together in celebration. If loved ones gather at your...

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No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season is a time for loved ones to gather together in celebration. If loved ones gather at your client’s house, make sure your service people prep Here are some professional furniture cleaning methods and tips for your handymen when they get the call:

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Professional Furniture Cleaning: Counters and Other Surfaces

Cooking, cleaning, crafting, and chit-chatting all happen over the counters and tables in your clients’ homes. Keep the counters and surfaces of your client’s kitchen spotless by utilizing these professional furniture cleaning methods and tips:

  • Dusting is an important part of regular home cleaning. It slows the build-up of dust, dead skin, and germs, and helps to prevent sickness in your client’s home.
  • Different kinds of countertops require different professional cleaning methods, so be sure to know the countertops’ materials.
  • Microfiber cloths are the perfect all-in-one tool for cleaning surfaces. They work on wet and dry surfaces and don’t require the use of any chemical cleaning agent.

Professional Furniture Cleaning: Living Room Chairs

Few people regularly deep clean their furniture, but sofas and chairs get used most often in the home. Multiple professional cleaning methods for furniture exist but vary depending on the kind of furniture and the material it’s made of. Once your people know the material, they can break out the toolkit. Effective furniture cleaning tools include vacuums, brushes, microfiber cloths, and the appropriate cleaning agent. To learn more about the different types of cleaning solvents to use for your client’s furniture, visit here.

Professional Furniture Cleaning: Walls and Floors

Many extra hands and feet come into your client’s house during the holiday season, so your service people should pay special attention to the walls and floors. Use different cleaning techniques for the walls and floors depending on what materials they’re made of. First, have your service men remove fixtures from the walls and floors they plan to clean and dust the area. Methods for cleaning walls include spraying them with fine mist multi-cleaners, using microfiber cloths to prevent streaks and scratches, and lightly rinsing the walls with clean water. Methods for cleaning floors include sweeping and vacuuming, mopping lightly to soak the floors and using the right cleaning detergent.

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