Top 4 Tips to Make The End of Season Pool Close Process Go Swimmingly

As the summer comes to an end, the demand for pool closing for residential and commercial pools is increasing tremendously. Perfecting the pool close process...

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As the summer comes to an end, the demand for pool closing for residential and commercial pools is increasing tremendously. Perfecting the pool close process while juggling multiple requests doesn’t have to be difficult. Using our tips, you’ll be able to painlessly close your clients’ pools!

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Here’s How Technicians Can Perfect the Pool Closing Process.

1. Start Closing Your Client’s Pool One Week Prior

Everyone says that “the early bird gets the worm”— with closing your client’s pool, that is definitely the case. Summer always comes to an end very quickly, so make sure you reach out to clients as soon as possible about your services! When it comes to beginning the process, you will want to begin winterizing the pool one week prior to closing the pool. By doing this, you will prevent any algae from growing after the end of the season. Winterizing your clients’ pools depends on where they live, but it’s best to be prepared to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner.

2. Remind Clients about Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool maintenance doesn’t stop once the pool is covered, so make sure your clients know they need to be taking care of their pool after closing your client’s pool! You will want to remind your clients to regularly check on their equipment to make sure they know when to replace things. Having your clients follow these pool maintenance best practices will ensure that opening their pool next summer can be just as easy!

3. Restock Your Supplies & Parts

As a pool technician, it’s critical to come prepared with any supplies or parts you may need for the job at hand. Here’s a quick checklist of the most important supplies and parts to have in 2022:

  • Water testing kit
  • Water balancer
  • Sanitizer for the pool
  • Pool shock
  • Skimmer and brushes for cleaning
  • Pool vacuum

There are many supplies that you should consider, but always remember to prepare by reviewing your task beforehand!

4. Schedule Your Services

The first step to success during pool close season is equipping your techs with strong pool field service software. Using field service software like RazorSync to schedule techs and communicate with your clients efficiently can improve workdays for your technicians and increase customer retention — a win-win for your team and your customers!

Key Takeaways

The end of the summer is always the busiest time for everyone, so streamlining the pool closing process will be a cherry on top for your clients. In the end, your technicians and clients will thank you for making the pool closing process go swimmingly!

RazorSync’s field service software will help you manage your team and inventory to ensure that you’re able to provide high-quality pool close services efficiently. Contact RazorSync for details, or try it free for 14 days.

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