3 Field Service Marketing Tactics That Work

How you promote your field service business can greatly impact the level of success you experience in your market. However, it’s easy to remain competitive...

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How you promote your field service business can greatly impact the level of success you experience in your market. However, it’s easy to remain competitive by developing creative content, promoting frequent communication with customers, and generating online traffic and leads. To help you stay agile, we’ve compiled a few top modern marketing tactics to help your field service can excel.

3 Field Service Marketing Tactics For Your Business

Prioritize content marketing

A strong content marketing strategy uses videos, images, and other visual elements to communicate information about what your field service business can do and convert customers. In fact, 90% of marketers rank content marketing as their most valued marketing channel. One way content marketing is able to generate a steep profit is by delivering consistent brand messaging. Establishing your business’ tone and style builds the company’s reputation as a consistent and trustworthy business. This includes implementing the same colors, fonts, voice, story, and messages for every brand publication and interaction. Brand consistency encourages people to invest in your company’s services because they are reputable and have been shown to increase revenue by almost 33%.

Live chat feature

Good communication with customers can highly differentiate a field service business’ marketing tactics from its competitors. Live chat is a unique customer interaction tool that uses instant and automated messaging to assist customers. Rather than connecting with customers via phone call or email, this form of communication is rapid, responsive, and can be done from anywhere through a computer or mobile phone. 

In 2020, live chat support increased by roughly 80%, which is a testament to the desire for instant field support. This on-demand support improves the customer experience by enabling people to have any questions answered and problems addressed instantly, which in turn makes builds loyalty and trust with your business. Between the time saved by both you and your customers, live chat is a strong marketing tool.

Highlight customer reviews

Who better to provide feedback on your service than those who are using it? Showcasing customer reviews on your company’s website is a highly valuable and cost-effective marketing tactic. Customers are providing your business with free marketing resources just by leaving an honest, positive comment regarding your services – making reviews an excellent way to build social credibility

When individuals interested in your business’ services see the reviews, there’s increased trust from other customers recommending the company. Furthermore, taking the time to respond to customers is also a smart marketing move. By showing your customers that you value their feedback and opinions, you strengthen your relationship with them. Going forward, they are more likely to return to your business as needed or recommend it to others.

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