Marketing Your Plumbing Service for Success

In 2021 alone, the plumbing industry has grown by 3.7%. In a crowded marketplace, it’s critical for new businesses to leverage their marketing techniques to...

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In 2021 alone, the plumbing industry has grown by 3.7%. In a crowded marketplace, it’s critical for new businesses to leverage their marketing techniques to rise above the noise. However, it’s not enough to have a simple strategy in place. Understanding how marketing techniques have evolved and how to differentiate your services from the competition is key to setting your plumbing business apart. 

3 Ways To Market Your Plumbing Service For Success

Develop strong branding

Branding is differentiating a company from its competitors through unique logos, taglines, colors, packaging, and more. These elements work together to establish a company identity and ensure your services are recognizable amongst others. In fact, using signature company colors alone increases brand recognition by 80%. They express the tone and persona of your brand and increase customer retention and revenue by almost 33%.  

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that 70% of marketers believe search engine optimization (SEO) yields more effective results than pay-per-click advertising? Search engine optimization is an organic way to improve the visibility of your business’ website in search engines. Essentially, SEO determines the ranking of specific pages on your site. Results are organized by how the information best fits what an individual searched. Similarly, the specific keywords used determine rank. With upwards of two trillion searches in Google each year and the competitive nature of the plumbing field, SEO is more important than ever. Without an SEO strategy, the likelihood of potential customers being exposed to your website is low, simply because the website is buried under competitor sites. 

Email Marketing

73% of consumers reported that customization is part of a positive company experience. Email marketing is one way to make your plumbing service customers feel valued through personalization. Using a marketing platform, you can take customer and subscriber data to create emails that speak directly to users.  A few ways to leverage personalization tactics in your plumbing service emails include personalized copy, recommendations, and unique discounts. 

  • Personalized copy includes addressing the receiver by name in the email and tailoring the subject line to them. Personalization both increases the likelihood of the email being opened and makes the customer feel important to the business. When customers feel seen and heard by the business, they are inclined to remain loyal to the company in the future – improving customer retention. 
  • Personalized recommendations take data on a person’s internet history, whether that be searches or purchases, to make plumbing service recommendations that customers could reasonably buy into based on their expressed needs.
  • Discounts often serve as a reward for loyal customers. If you recognize that an individual is remaining loyal to your company, creating custom discounts is beneficial to your company. It will encourage them to continue their relationship with your plumbing business and recommend it to others.

Branding, SEO, and email nurturing are all great tools to generate success in your plumbing service business. However, before your business implements any new marketing tactics, it’s important to understand your target audience and set achievable objectives to track success and accurately measure your growth. 

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