4 Landscaping Services To Skyrocket Client Property Value

Did you know lawn care services have an average rate of 267% return on investment? With such a high return rate, encouraging your clients to...

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Did you know lawn care services have an average rate of 267% return on investment? With such a high return rate, encouraging your clients to invest in landscaping services is critical. By raising their curb appeal with regular upkeep, they’ll have the ability to sell their home for a much higher price when the time comes. Communicate worthwhile landscaping options to your clients so they can improve their property value and have a yard all the neighbors will want.

Four landscaping services that will skyrocket your clients’ property value

Installing automatic sprinkler systems

Landscaping can be a timely chore that many working families can’t fit into their schedules. Investing in landscaping services that automate the job saves your clients time and money. Automated irrigation systems are great options because they ensure that the grass and other plants are watered as needed and prevent over or under-watering plants. This keeps a yard looking fresh and healthy, which quickly increases your client’s home value with a beautiful landscape.

Adding trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubbery can instantly transform the look of a yard while raising your client’s property value. In fact, the USDA Forest Service recently stated that the addition of healthy trees to a yard can boost the value of a house by 10%. However, placement is key. Ensure that you’re planting trees a safe distance from the home to prevent growing roots from harming the foundation of your client’s home and patio. Maintaining a 15-20 foot distance between the tree and the home will prevent any potential root damage. Lastly, another element to consider is power lines. Branches that grow into and break power lines can disrupt electric service and lead to costly and inconvenient repairs.

Add mulch to the garden

Mulch is a worthy landscaping services investment for any client looking to keep their plants healthy and their yard looking its best. It allows you to create a more aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained appearance for your client’s garden. On top of this, it also fosters a healthier environment for plants to grow and thrive. Mulch controls soil temperature during the changing seasons and helps a garden remain healthy with any drastic temperature shifts. Additionally, if your area is ever facing a dry spell or your client forgets to water their plants, their plants will have a higher chance of survival because mulch preserves moisture.

Keep home and landscape styles consistent

Matching your client’s garden to fit the theme of their home is key to improving their curb appeal. If your client has a traditional-looking home, adding brick and stone to their landscape matches the theme of their home. This consistency in the overall design is an easy way to increase the value of their home. On the other hand, if they have a more modern design, the landscape should be characterized by sharp edges and a clean-cut look.

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