Landscape Management Software: How to Simplify Your Business

The start of the landscaping busy season looks quite different this year. As many households have been stuck indoors due to social distancing guidelines, we’re...

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The start of the landscaping busy season looks quite different this year. As many households have been stuck indoors due to social distancing guidelines, we’re seeing families start to head back outside as tensions begin to subside and the weather warms. While you may not be seeing as much business compared to last season, the summer months will surely bring an influx of sales. In fact, research shows that 74% of landscaping business comes from returning customers. As life slowly begins to return to normal, it’s never been a better time to invest in landscape management software.

Landscape Management Software

Landscape management software is an online system designed to better manage your business and simplify your operations. Depending on what particular software you choose, you’ll have access to a single platform containing lots of key features designed to improve efficiency across your entire team. For example, with RazorSync, both your field techs and office team can access our dispatching, invoicing, estimating, scheduling features and more from any device. 

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When implemented correctly, landscape management software is a great catalyst for reaching your business goals and driving ROI. Not only are you better positioned to drive business, but you’re able to simplify the workday for your entire team by improving communication from the office to the field and back.

How to Simplify Business with Landscape Management Software:

Manage your team in the field.

As a landscape business, your field team will spend the majority of their time on-site. With field worker management capabilities, you can increase productivity and efficiency with advanced mapping features that allow you to provide detailed driving directions, assign jobs to nearby techs and see where your techs are in real-time. 

Stay connected at every job site.

With RazorSync, you can grant system access to some, or all of your field workers. This means that while your techs are at a job site, you can give them direct access to the landscape management software to use from their smartphone or tablet. As they fulfill work orders and provide estimates, they can input that information to your software to be updated instantly.

Set-up automated billing.

Don’t get tripped up by your billing cycle. With automated, recurring billing, your customers will be notified whenever an invoice or quote is added to their customer portal. From there, they’ll be able to set up payment information to complete invoice payments and you’ll be able to automatically bill customers with a card-on-file for any past due invoices.

Better schedule your workforce.

Efficient job tracking and scheduling are foundational for any field service business. With RazorSync’s landscape management software, your office team is able to quickly and easily assign jobs to techs as work orders are placed with our drag and drop interface. And with Google calendar integration, your techs can stay up-to-date on any and all schedule updates easily.

At RazorSync, we’re dedicated to supporting businesses both big and small. To see how our powerful landscape management software can meet your needs, contact us, sign up today for a free live demo or talk with one of our pros today!

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