How to Grow Your Business with Mobile Field Service Software

Did you know that the field service industry is estimated to be worth almost $4.45 billion by 2022? Now more than ever, companies must be...

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Did you know that the field service industry is estimated to be worth almost $4.45 billion by 2022? Now more than ever, companies must be extremely agile in their response to the changing needs of their customers – emphasizing the need for an expert mobile field service software.  As an industry that’s long been dependent on manual processes, making the jump to an online software can be intimidating. Before you make that decision, you’ll want to have a good understanding of what a field service software can provide and ultimately how you can leverage its features to help grow your business. 

Here are a few key benefits of implementing a mobile field service software in your day-to-day business operations.

Managing Your Workforce

“Managing your workforce” can mean different things to different businesses. Before field service automation came into play, scheduling and dispatching workers and jobs was a tedious task that required manual input of schedules, tracking a technician’s availability and connecting them with the nearest customer. Office staff usually spent their time on similar tedious functions instead of addressing more important tasks like billing, invoicing, etc – all manually done as well, of course. As a result, it was not uncommon to experience double bookings and missed appointments, which ultimately lead to dissatisfied customers. With today’s automated software tools, however, these challenges are no longer an issue. Jobs are now able to be properly scheduled and technicians properly managed without the need for constant human intervention–making managing your workforce a lot easier

Back-Office Tasks 

Scheduling, dispatching and assigning technicians to multiple jobs can be very time consuming and oftentimes quite challenging. With field service management software, you have the ability to handle job assignments by easily dispatching the right technician with the right skill set for the job.  Plus, with mobile capabilities, your techs can be instantly notified of upcoming or changed job assignments in the field, reducing back-and-forth communication with your office staff. 


Similarly, when it comes to customer billing, increased paperwork will often leave your team feeling overwhelmed. With the help of Quickbooks integration within your field service software, your office staff has the ability to issue invoices online, and securely store and manage payment information. Plus, with mobile processing, your technicians will have the ability to issue invoices and collect payments all while on the job site, which will then be automatically transferred back to your office team for processing and storage.

If you aren’t convinced yet how mobile field service software can benefit your business, check out RazorSync’s easy-to-use platform! RazorSync’s application gives you the solutions you need to optimize and manage your field service business. 

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