Now Hiring? How to Land the Best Incoming Service Technicians

Hiring the right technician for your company is already a tricky task, but as baby boomers retire, the field service industry faces a shrinking talent...

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Hiring the right technician for your company is already a tricky task, but as baby boomers retire, the field service industry faces a shrinking talent pool. Because of this, now is the ideal time to review your business processes so you can rest assured you’re only hiring the best incoming service technicians. 

Hiring a New Generation

To start, get to know your audience. Gen-Z (aka Zoomers) refers to those who were born between 1996 and 2010 who, unlike other generations, grew up with the internet and social media. These digital natives are the young people entering the workforce today. The following are a few strategies to optimize your business and increase your chances of attracting and hiring the ideal candidates now that you know who to target.

Attracting the Best Candidates

Build a solid reputation and culture for your business.

  • Establish your company’s culture and reputation with current employees and within your market. Start by making sure technicians feel respected and important. Going the extra mile to increase employee job satisfaction will help establish your reputation and bring you choice job applicants. 
  • Showcase your company culture on social media. It may seem like common sense, but make sure to give potential employees a glimpse of what life is like at your company before they start their job there. 
  • Emphasize what it’s like to work for your company on your website, social media, and even job postings. What makes it unique? For example, your company’s championship-winning bowling team or the legendary White Elephant gift exchange each holiday season. A rich camaraderie and team spirit is always an attractive quality in a workplace.

Ensure you’re offering a competitive compensation and benefits plan.

  • A competitive compensation and benefits plan can help you attract quality candidates, so it’s crucial that you examine these if you’re trying to recruit new talent. 
  • Do market research to see what your competition is offering new technicians. Salary, bonus package, health care costs, retirement plan costs, equity packages, and other perks are all important parts of a well-rounded compensation package. Many companies are now offering signing bonuses—alongside referral bonuses, in order to avoid conflict with loyal, long-time employees—to attract skilled workers. 
  • If you don’t provide traditional benefits, take an inventory of what you do offer your employees, whether that’s a company vehicle, a great employee discount on parts and services, or breakfast every Friday. 

Develop a plan for employee advancement.

  • Create a plan for employee career advancement. Whenever you’re hiring new people, make sure to create a plan for how each employee will grow within the company. This way, they’ll feel motivated and committed to the company. 
  • When employees know what is expected of them and what their future holds in your organization, it is easier for them to perform well and avoid burnout.

Adopt advanced technologies to meet Gen-Z’s digital expectations.

  • As more Gen-Zers enter the workforce, they bring digital expectations with them. They are comfortable with and knowledgeable about technology and expect to use emerging technology in their work. This implies that the technology you use (or don’t use) can make a difference when it comes to attracting and hiring young talent. 
  • A study by Dell Inc. found that 80% of Gen-Z aspires to work with cutting-edge technology, and 91% say that technology would influence their decision when comparing employment offers. So if you’ve been putting off updating your technology, now is the time.

Hiring and onboarding new service technicians can be a daunting process for any business. But, this step is an essential one, as service technicians are the face of your company and they will often be the first point of contact for customers. By following the steps outlined here, you and your business will be prepared to attract the right candidates. Happy hiring!  

As you reevaluate the technology you’re using, don’t forget to think about your field service software! If you’re ready for an upgrade, RazorSync can help. Get in touch with our pros for more info or try it out with a free 14-day trial

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