How to Start an HVAC Business

If you’ve worked as a service tech for years, there may come a time when you decide to branch out and begin your own HVAC...

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How to Start a HVAC Business

If you’ve worked as a service tech for years, there may come a time when you decide to branch out and begin your own HVAC business. Aside from obtaining the correct contractor permits, licenses, and insurances to comply with your local and state requirements, you’ll also want to ensure you have the right tools and techs in place to build your brand and start attracting new customers instantly!

To help you get started, here are some pro tips to help you launch your HVAC service company:

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Stock Your Truck with the Right Tools

Having direct access to the tools you need to complete an HVAC repair, installation, or replacement will keep you on the fast track to success. From basic tools like pipe wrenches, drills, staple guns, and gauges to more complex heating and cooling equipment, such as replacement parts for brand-name products like Trane or Mitsubishi, every HVAC installation company needs to stock and manage their inventory to service customers with more ease and convenience.

RazorSync’s field service management app helps HVAC business professionals quickly manage their inventory on the go! Administrators in the app can quickly check for available parts from their smartphones, request orders, and receive updates if a particular piece of equipment is running low or out of stock.

Estimate Your Price Points

Perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of starting a new business is deciding how much you plan to charge for your services. A great way to estimate your price points is first to research what your local competitors are charging. This can help you figure out average costs, which you can then use to build a pricing sheet. You’ll also want to take into account the added costs of tools, equipment, and labor needed to successfully complete each job. A routine furnace repair will obviously be far less than a full replacement, so you’ll want to take these figures into consideration as you plan your prices.

Using RazorSync’s advanced estimating tool, you’ll have access to recent jobs, work orders, and invoices to help fine-tune your bidding process for accurate estimates and billing.

Hire the Right Contractors

To ensure your customers are receiving quality support on every service request, it’s important to take the time to find qualified HVAC experts. Your techs should bring with them industry experience, good communication skills, and a willingness to adapt to emerging techniques and technologies as the HVAC field continues to evolve.

Hiring more contractors means you’ll need to have your scheduling and payroll processing in check! RazorSync offers convenient “drag and drop” scheduling features to keep your team informed of new jobs, so they can plan their days ahead. Techs will receive confirmation notifications and recent changes in scheduling right to their smart devices. Our field service system also syncs seamlessly to your QuickBooks account, eliminating unnecessary paperwork while still keeping billing and payroll all in one convenient location.

Go Digital

Let’s be honest: to stay competitive as an HVAC business, you need to keep your techs, dispatch, and customers connected! An online field service management system streamlines your operations and improves communication and workflow from the office to the field.

RazorSync offers a full suite of advanced online features that include customized portals for your customers to request repairs and other services, GPS tracking to keep your dispatch team and techs in direct communication, and secure credit card processing to help prevent late payments or lost jobs from affecting your revenue.

How to Start a Business with RazorSync

A technician works on a home’s air conditioner unit outdoors.

RazorSync’s field service software helps you manage your team and inventory to ensure that you’re able to provide high-quality garage door service requests. Contact RazorSync for details, or try it free for 14 days today!

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