How to Get the Most Out of Your Field Service Calls

There are a wide variety of businesses that rely on field service teams, from HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contracting to Pool Care, Pest Control, Property...

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There are a wide variety of businesses that rely on field service teams, from HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contracting to Pool Care, Pest Control, Property Management, Lawncare, Alarm & Security, Appliance Repair and more. Both the employees in your back-office and on-site technicians need a wealth of information to do their jobs efficiently and properly. Without the right information, the result is longer service times, more repeat visits and longer downtime periods for customers. Whether your technicians are tasked with fixing leaking faucets, cleaning carpets, restoring internet service for a customer, or repairing HVAC equipment, time is of the essence.

It’s critical that you take a look at how your service professionals and technicians are communicating in back office and in the field. According to Motorola, service businesses can lose up to 70% of daily revenue with poor record keeping and management.. When you integrate a comprehensive mobile field service solution, you can gain a 360 degree view of your operations and maximize your team’s productivity by eliminating unnecessary paperwork, optimizing fleet management and providing instant access to vital information. It’s important to ensure you’re getting the most out of your service calls and we’ll show you how a service management solution can help you do just that.

Greater Efficiency, Reduced Costs

Above all, one of the key benefits of adopting a mobile field service solution is the opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and reduced costs in many different ways.

Reduced Inventory Costs: Before the proliferation of mobile devices, many services business were forced to stock their inventories at unnecessarily high levels, impacting both cash flow and profitability. With a mobile solution and real-time inventory management that extends from the warehouse to the field, you have the ability to see stock levels change as parts are used. This allows you to reduce overall stock levels, while ensuring that the right parts are still available to your technicians so they can resolve jobs service calls on the first visit.

Lower Fuel and Maintenance costs: Without optimized routes, fuel costs can quickly spiral out of control and affect profits. With RazorSync, service calls can be aggregated and planned accordingly at the beginning of the day to improve dispatch and reduce unnecessary technician travel. If a last minute schedule change occurs, the visibility that GPS tracking within RazorSync allows you to send the worker nearest to the customer instead of having another technician drive all the way across town. When your technicians spend less time driving and more time servicing customers, you can enhance your revenue while lowering fleet costs.

Less Data Errors, Greater Informational Accuracy: Having a streamlined, centralized and cloud-based method of capturing and managing data can help you maintain accurate invoicing and customer history files. By reducing the need to backtrack to correct mistakes, the productivity of your staff will increase. RazorSync allows you to transmit data directly to you back-end business system, eliminating the need to re-enter data.

More Efficiency Leads to Greater Revenue

A mobile field service solution like RazorSync can significantly increase your bottom line results by allowing you to support more service calls each day. Additionally, you can improve cash flow by ensuring bills get out faster and by providing field service technicians with the tools and information they need to upsell customers on service contracts. In the midst of this, the automated and centralized workflow of RazorSync will also help your company by eliminating a lot of paperwork and revealing cross-selling opportunities.

Paperwork can be very time consuming, and that impacts the productivity of your service technicians. But with automated data entry at your disposal, you can save a lot of time and handle more calls per day without needing to increase the size of your workforce. This is a prime example of how RazorSync can help your business achieve more with less.

Oftentimes service professionals are too hurried to upsell customers or they may not have access to the right information when they need it. You can ensure field service is a profit center for your business by granting your service technicians access to a simple interface that shows them the most appropriate products and services and products.

With a traditional service-to-invoice-to-payment process, billing cycle times can become too long, which directly affects your inventory carrying costs and cash flow. But when you can instantly send billing information or take payments in the field, you can significantly reduce the billing cycle from weeks to days, improving your cashflow and overall profitability.

Empower Your Field Service Organization

Today’s market is arguably the most competitive ever, which is why getting the most of your field service calls is so important. With the right mobile field service solution, an enterprise can empower its service technicians with the ability to automate critical tasks from anywhere. Your field service professionals can leverage powerful mobile devices to both access and capture data in real-time. This gives you unmatched visibility into your enterprise when it comes to technician activity, vehicle location and parts inventory.

If you choose to invest in a field service solution, you’ll begin to see benefits across your organization that can help you achieve peak operational efficiency. On top of that, your field service technicians can become even more valuable to your organization by playing a decisive role in selling to increase revenue and enhance customer loyalty.

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