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Did you know that by 2022 the HVAC industry will be short over 138,000 technicians? If you’re planning to expand your business, making sure you...

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Did you know that by 2022 the HVAC industry will be short over 138,000 technicians? If you’re planning to expand your business, making sure you have a good handle on scheduling, billing, and inventory will be extremely important in order to make up for any personnel shortages. Fortunately, an HVAC business management software can function as an extra member (or 5!) of your team. 

Through automation, integrations and cost-cutting measures, a business management software is critical for any HVAC company looking to grow their business. RazorSync’s business management software can help give your team the time and tools to grow your business. Take a look at our recommendations for finding new business no matter the size of your team with an HVAC business management software.


As an HVAC industry professional, you probably know how stressful your daily workflow can be. By giving your team the right tools, you ensure your technicians are well-equipped to work more efficiently. 

An HVAC management software gives your technicians the mobility needed to complete administrative work in record time without having to travel back to the office. 

Additionally, with customer records and service history at their fingertips, they’re able to update and input information quickly and easily. The end result? Streamlining your workflow processes allows you to streamline your business growth goals. 

Technician Efficiency

With an HVAC business management software, you can assign and reassign technicians to jobs at any point in the day. No need to worry about communicating those changes either, since technicians can view immediate notifications of schedule additions and changes on their device via text or email.

Your business can track dispatch time and find better alternative routes to job sites as well. Not only does this improve gas expenses, but more efficient travel helps free up space in your team’s day to serve new customers! 

Track your technicians on the job with RazorSync


By investing in a business management software, you have access to key mobile features like merchant processing.This is a key area to differentiate yourself from the competition. Incorporating merchant processing gives you the ability to collect customer payments right on-site. 

Once billing information is collected, you can keep this information on file to set up recurring payments and improve billing cycles. Not only does this improve your revenue stream, but it creates a seamless invoicing and accounting process by connecting data with QuickBooks.

Inventory Management 

One challenge you may be faced with as you grow your business is inefficient inventory management. With an HVAC business management software, your business can easily track and manage inventory across work orders as needed. 

Tracking equipment and materials helps your team keep a tab on available gear, and also provides your managers the best insights as to what items need to be restocked or provided for service calls. This frees up time in your team’s day to service new business leads with fewer trips back to the warehouse, effectively optimizing your business growth goals. 

Customer Satisfaction

Using a business management software like RazorSync is a great way to increase customer satisfaction. RazorSync offers an all access customer portal that allows your customers to request appointments, view job records, and see past payments and invoices. Making sure your current customers are happy ensures that future customers will be happy as well. And remember, happy customers recommend their favorite businesses to their friends!

Ready to find new business for your HVAC company with the industry’s #1-rated business management software? Try RazorSync free for 14 days to get started! For more information, contact one of our pros to learn more.

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