Is Field Service Software Right For My Small Business?

Whether you’re new to the field service industry or a seasoned pro, you may be wondering whether a field service management software, like RazorSync, is...

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Field service software

Whether you’re new to the field service industry or a seasoned pro, you may be wondering whether a field service management software, like RazorSync, is right for your business. You’re certainly not alone. From choosing the best management tool to finding time to implement it into your business operations, the whole process can feel overwhelming. And you may decide to shelf the idea until another day.

The truth is field service management software helps streamline your company’s services and makes it even easier for technicians, internal departments, and customers to stay connected at the office, on route, and anywhere in-between.

To understand the full benefit of a field service software tool, like RazorSync, let’s break down a few common concerns that may be preventing you from making the investment.

Top Three Field Service Software Concerns

1.) I Don’t Have Time to Learn a New Software

The idea of starting something from scratch may sound nerve wracking. As a field service expert, you’re constantly creating estimates, work orders, schedules, invoices, etc., so it’s likely you’re already at max capacity, right? Well, this is actually how RazorSync can help. We offer a free live demo, which means we travel to your business to train you on our software’s amazing features. We’ll walk you through how to track customer information/history; create custom work orders; design a customer portal where clients can request services, pay bills, and review the status of their repairs/request; and more!

To schedule your free live demo, or if you’d like to learn more about our advanced features, contact us today.

2.) I Don’t Have Time to Train My Employees on How to Use New Software

RazorSync’s field service software is designed to synchronize and simplify your business operations. Whether you have a technician out in the field, a customer service agent managing calls, or a billing department sending invoices, everything is connected through an all-in-one management tool that can be accessed through any smart device, from anywhere! This makes it easy to schedule recurring jobs, track employees in the field, monitor bills, process payments, and edit employee schedules, using our simple “drag and drop” feature.

In addition, RazorSync’s software integrates with Quickbooks, which allows your billing or accounting team to automatically sync inventory items, billable hours, and payroll from work orders.

To learn more about this exciting, all-in-one management solution, contact us for a free live demo, so we can walk you and your employees through the process of implementing and using RazorSync to manage your business.

3.) I Already Have Someone Who Handles Service Requests/Incoming Calls

To stay competitive in the field service industry, your business needs up-to-date information and GPS tracking instantly! This ensures your customers receive prompt responses, accurate arrival times, and dedicated support from top experts in the field.

With RazorSync, you and your employees can quickly access customer records for driving directions, job statuses, history reports, and notes—right from their smart device. The best part is your team can view the dispatch board for the day, week, or even a month out and make adjustments where necessary, including assigning staff, dispatching to cover no-shows, cancelling services, and prioritizing emergency requests.

Think RazorSync is right for your business? Contact us today to learn more about our field service software, or visit our website to see why others are choosing RazorSync to help them stay connected and competitive in their industry!

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