Fall Lawncare Business Do’s and Don’ts

Lawns don’t just happen—they need to be correctly maintained and cared for in order to look good. Fall is a great time to take care...

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Lawns don’t just happen—they need to be correctly maintained and cared for in order to look good. Fall is a great time to take care of your lawn. The weather is still mild, and the ground isn’t frozen yet. 

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts for your lawn care business during the fall season:

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Do Overseed

If you want to give your lawn a boost before winter, overseeding is a great way to do so. Overseeding will help fill in thin spots and provide a thicker, more attractive lawn. You can use grass seed or sod for this task, depending on the thickness of your existing turf. Sod may be more expensive than seed but grows quicker if you’re pressed for time during the fall season.

Don’t Prune

Fall can be a busy time for your lawn care business, but don’t get too busy with pruning! If you prune in fall, most plants won’t have enough time to recover before winter.

If you want to ensure you don’t prune too late, consider pruning during the spring or summer, when plants are actively growing and getting the most sunlight. This will give your plants plenty of time to grow back and be healthy by the time winter arrives.

Don’t Over-Water

This is a common mistake that many lawncare businesses can make because they set a watering schedule for all the customers and stick to it without changing with the seasons. Over-watering will cause yellowing and browning of the grass, as well as root rot, fungus, and mold, which can damage your client’s house and cause serious health risks. The cooler fall months result in less water evaporation, providing plenty of lasting moisture for the grass to sustain itself.

Do Leave Grass Clippings On The Lawn

If you run a lawn care business in the fall, one of the most important things to do is leave grass clippings on your customer’s lawn. This can seem counterintuitive, as many are accustomed to bagging grass clippings and putting them in the trash. However, there are plenty of reasons why leaving them in place is better than bagging them up.

Grass clippings are an excellent source of nitrogen for your lawn or garden. Nitrogen helps plants put out new growth and maintain their existing leaves through autumn and winter months; without enough nitrogen from soil microbes (which break down dead plant matter) or fertilizer applications, many plants would die during the winter months due to a lack of nutrients.

Don’t Leave Fallen Leaves

Leaves can be a nuisance for your lawn care business. They can be difficult to manage and can harbor pests and disease, making it harder for you to provide a clean, healthy lawn. It’s important to clean up leaves before they have a chance to start decomposing. Leaves can block out sunlight from reaching your grass, preventing it from making food. Wet leaves also provide an ideal environment for fungus growth that can damage your lawn and even kill it completely if left untreated.

To keep your yard looking great all year long, don’t let the fall season pass you by without picking up the fallen leaves that may be damaging your client’s lawn.

Key Takeaways For Your Lawncare Business

So, now that you’re prepared to take care of your lawn in the fall, we can recap the details. 

First, start by overseeding. This is a great way to add thick, green grass and help offset thinning spots. 

Next up is pruning: save it for when your plants are in active growing seasons like spring and summer. 

After that comes watering and leaf maintenance: be sure to adjust your water schedule and make sure not to leave any leaves on the lawn because they’ll trap even more moisture!

Finally, leave those clippings on top…and keep them there! They provide natural fertilizer for your lawns which means more nutrients for next year’s growth cycle (and less work). 

Lawns are not just a way for us to beautify our homes—they’re also important habitats for insects and other small animals who can help us keep everything healthy in our gardens!

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