Employee GPS Tracking: Why This Benefits Both Technicians and Customers

Many of us enjoy using apps like Amazon to track a recent purchase and monitor its delivery. This type of “on-route” tracking gives us peace...

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Mobile phone for employee GPS tracking

Many of us enjoy using apps like Amazon to track a recent purchase and monitor its delivery. This type of “on-route” tracking gives us peace of mind and a sense of control over our online orders. Now, what if you could use that same GPS tracking software to enhance your company’s workforce management operations and improve customer satisfaction?

Field employee tracking software from RazorSync can help your business reduce drive time, save money, and improve communication between technicians, customers, and your dispatch team. Using our advanced system, you know exactly: 

  • Where your techs are located
  • Where to send them next 
  • Which routes will get them there faster

How Employee GPS Tracking Benefits Technicians

Some techs may be opposed to the idea of tracking their location, but with RazorSync, your employees are given more tools to help manage their tasks and avoid unnecessary errors that delay production. Our tracking features include: 

  • Google Mapping: Instantly sync a new job to a tech’s Google map. Your tech can then review driving directions from a smart device or receive turn-by-turn driving instructions from a dispatch team member who’s actively tracking his/her route in progress. 
  • Designate Jobs: When emergency repairs come in, find the nearest tech who’s available on location and send him/her to the next job site without delay. This helps your company avoid making special trips that add up in miles, gas, and labor. 
  • Time Tracking: Using our field service management software, techs can clock in and out from their smart devices. Data is then sent directly to Quickbooks for accurate payroll processing and customer billing.

How Employee GPS Tracking Benefits Customer

As noted in the Amazon example, customers appreciate the convenience of receiving notifications when something they request is on route or has arrived to their home safely. So, it’s no surprise they’d like this convenience even more for an HVAC or plumbing repair, appliance replacement, pool cleaning, or any other field service request!

Using RazorSync, your customers can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Job Status/Updates: From their online portals, customers can request a repair or service from your company and easily track its progress in real time.
  • Peace of Mind: Because you can track the nearest technician to any job, your customers can rest assured knowing that when they contact you for an emergency, you already have a qualified tech on route to their location. 
  • Better Communication: Through GPS tracking, techs and customers are always kept up-to-date on schedule changes via email or text notifications. 

FAQs about RazorSync’s Employee Tracking App 

Q: How Do I Track an Employee’s Location? 

Administrators can track their users, and even allow users via the Schedule page, Field Workers page, and RazorSync mobile application. A user must be logged into the RazorSync application and have “Location Tracking” enabled within the application. This also allows for admins to see a bread crumb trail for historical reference, as well.

Q: Can I Track More than One Field Tech?

Yes. You can track all of your users who have “Location Tracking” enabled and are logged into the RazorSync mobile app.

Q: How Does RazorSync’s Route Optimization Feature Work?

Route optimization takes already scheduled work order’s and optimizes/rearranges them for the day, based on customer’s  service addresses for the most efficient route for that work day. This saves travel time and money. Route optimization will also take into account your estimated travel times from one location to the next. You can either choose to optimize using the office location as the start or end point of the day. Or, you can specify per user where their start and end location is (this can be very helpful if your employees own their own vehicles, or are heading to their jobs for the day from home rather than going to your office location first).

Keep Your Field Services on Track with RazorSync

To learn how to track your employees using RazorSync’s employee GPS tracking feature, request a free live demo today! We’ll walk you and your employees through setting up GPS tracking and customize its features to meet your business’s needs. 

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