It’s 10 am—Do You Know Where Your Field Workers Are?

Whether it’s an emergency call coming in, a job finished sooner than expected, or you have a cancellation, sometimes you need to reschedule on the fly - or risk losing a job or customer.

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tablet screen displaying map view of field service technicians and job sites

Today’s mobile technology makes it easier than ever to know where your trucks and technicians are at any time of their work day. Having that knowledge at your fingertips may just transform the way you do business.

Nine benefits of knowing your field techs’ locations:

1) Save Gas and Travel Time

Whether it’s an emergency call coming in, a job finished sooner than expected, or you have a cancellation, sometimes you need to reschedule on the fly—or risk losing a job or customer. With the right technology in place, just view your field staff and jobs on a map before dispatching the nearest worker to the site. Savings in gas alone will amaze you.

2) Bill More Jobs in Less Time

With map-view scheduling, you can concentrate your operation by geographic area. Use ongoing travel records to restructure your pricing and build the business in high-value zones. And efficiently reroute field staff to cover emergencies or fill cancellations.

3) Speed Response Times

A quick response is key to keeping good customers and acquiring more. When a pipe bursts or an intranet is down, you need a truck there immediately, not in hours or days. With map-view GPS, you can see and dispatch the closest technician to emergency and urgent calls.

4) Eliminate Payroll Disputes

Productivity soars when employees know you can track their travels. The permanent electronic record will let you verify clocked in time as time on a job site. If your mobile software system ties into time clock and payroll systems, any hassles of back-office payroll data entry and staff disputes will be eliminated.

5) Confirm Your Worker was There

Customer claims that a technician was late or didn’t spend the billed time on the job can be quickly resolved. A permanent electronic record will available to support invoices. Some systems automatically create invoices and capture a customer signature before the worker leaves the site.

6) Prove Your Worker Wasn’t There!

A false claim that a worker caused a traffic accident or job site damage could cost tens of thousands in legal fees and judgments. If you are tracking your employees, you can pull up a tracking record in seconds that will prove your truck was not at the site of the claim.

7) Control Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Non-business use of a vehicle can be a serious insurance issue. If your worker takes a company truck home at night, then takes an unauthorized trip before clocking back in, you could be looking at a severe liability issue. Let you employees know exactly what your expectations are for personal use.

8) Reduce ETA Windows

Reduce customer wait times for service calls and watch customer satisfaction soar. When you have real-time information about the progress of each unit, you can notify customers by email or text when a truck is actually on the way. If your field management solution includes a customer portal, your customers can log in and watch progress for themselves.

9) Eliminate Check-In Calls

It is dangerous and, in many states, illegal for a driver to call in from the road. With GPS tracking, you know where the driver is, and you already sent any rescheduling information via email or text—there is no need for a check-in call. Job notes, rerouting, and other information can wait until the driver is safely parked.



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