Dear Small Business Owner: 3 Reasons You Need a Field Service Software

Dear small business owner: we know the last couple of months have been tough. Between working from home and maneuvering through governmental and social guidelines,...

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Dear small business owner: we know the last couple of months have been tough. Between working from home and maneuvering through governmental and social guidelines, business has been anything but normal. At RazorSync, we’ve done our best to support small businesses with our field service software.

As the global pandemic continues to produce fear and uncertainty, our goal is to make sure you know all the tools at your disposal designed to help keep your business running as smooth and safe as possible. As a small business owner, here are the top reasons why you should consider investing in a field service software now:

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1. Customer Portal

As a result of the times, it’s no surprise that many customers are hesitant to bring service workers into their homes to complete jobs. Among other things, this has caused techs to consider new, safer ways to complete jobs with less human intervention.

With a self-service customer portal, you’re able to put trust and control back into the hands of your customers. With a software like RazorSync, your customers can log into the portal to request services, view or pay an invoice, check status updates and share any feedback or comment—all while remaining safely isolated.

2. Automated Billing

Ensuring cash flow remains consistent and on-time is now more important than ever. As a small business owner, the last thing you need is to be tripped up by your own billing cycle. With a secure field service software, you have access to automated payment functionalities, eliminating manual billing.

When an invoice is created in your software, your customers are immediately notified and are able to review and pay the invoice within minutes through the customer portal. Have recurring customer invoices? No problem. Set them up with automated billing and allow the transactions to occur on their own.

3. Advanced Reporting

As daily processes and job operations continue to evolve in today’s landscape, having access to key reporting insights in your field service software is critical. Are you still getting the most ROI out of your business? What processes need to be shifted?

By having information organized and displayed in preset reports, you’ll have the information you need to make smarter business decisions at your fingertips. From financial reporting and customer management to scheduling and inventory, you can stay on top of your business with advanced reporting tools.

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As you continue to adapt to today’s challenging times, RazorSync is ready to help you move business forward and reach a new normal. With our top-rated field service software, you and your team will have instant access to all of our key features and flexible pricing plans.

To see how RazorSync can help your small business, contact us, schedule a free live demo today or talk with one of our pros.

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